2006 Texts

530. 1 January 2006 - 7:46am
Ah, there you are again!
For a moment green Chartreuse
had the better of me.
I defended well then retired
to a nearby siding with the dignity
of a steam engine.

531. 2 January 2006 - 6:58am
That stiffening of resolve
I feel looking at you
in the morning light as a bird
sings & the frogcroaked night
mists in eggs & bacon chatter
of children & toast.

532. 2 January 2006 - 6:03pm
Walled cities scab the Gauteng
hills. Here, the birds fly free
as vagrants on the collapsing
common land. This miracle of economics
heralds the new day
& death.

533. 3 January 2006 - 5:53am
Bishops, master weavers, cardinals
of vlei, masters of thin reed
& full song, sing to me of hope.
Take my heart to your crimson,
fly me to the mountains,
& sea.

534. 3 January 2006 - 6:31am
Single focus threads the passion
of this masked weaver.
Each boudoired acacia limb
tempts a lady to his transfixing
look & lust, but she doesn't get
the point.

535. 4 January 2006 - 9:06am
Beaufort West room turning
a cream ceiling's gaze
on the hot night bed. Below
tangled limbs of the sleeping self
lock the eyelids of my love's
breathing beauty.

536. 4 January 2006 - 9:59am
Returning to the heart's love
city by a northerly gate
through deserted fields & time
asking for memory of stones,
where desiccated winds
trumpet to stars.

537. 5 January 2006 - 7:28am
Across the red earth valley
a woman walks toward her house.
She is tall, wears a gown of ochre
& red. She passes under tall trees
with grace. A long road home.

538. 5 January 2006 - 7:50am
Early, before the wind puffed
the curtains, I hear the imam
call. His voice an echo of prayer
like the last star
fading into dawn.
God listening to us breathe.

539. 6 January 2006 - 8:19am
Walking the street is Sea Point
limerick (if that isn't Irish).
Rhyme with rime,
with front & mick,
with sass & lick,
salt & bit,
malt & bitter.
Adult worldly.

540. 7 January 2006 - 8:17am
How I have longed for you!
This intimacy of our morning
bed, touching bodies noses chests.
Open to each the other, hearing
tongues, knowing each sense
in love.

541. 7 January 2006 - 8:23am
Off Sea Point ships promenade
the shore, look on the lusty
city, pull at the chains
that anchor their real estate,
wait for the working week
to bring alongside.

542. 8 January 2006 - 9:01am
This mountain of life reaches
from seas of dreams
to clouds of reality,  to mists
of logic in the clarity of night
& fears understanding day's
fickle currency.

543. 8 January 2006 - 9:16am
What intestine of anger
constipates my humour?
My gut aching to spill
fearing the bloody mess
picking over entrails
misinterpreting signs
of hatred, of love.

544. 9 January 2006 - 6:13am
The air is a painted waterfall
this morning. Quiet & naked. Dawn
warm as bedclothes, holds memories
impressions, scents of life,
of love, of this astonishment.

545. 10 January 2006 - 6:42am
Contours of your geography
map this happiness in relief.
Promontories of longing,
seas of dreams at peace.
Plantations planets palpitations,
Pablo's poetry.

546. 11 January 2006 - 6:43am
Crying ambulances howl along
the freeway near all night.
Fetch casualties from battlefields
of good & evil? God knows what
death & dying mark this city's

547. 11 January 2006 - 5:52pm
This condom weary foreshore
tangled in weeds of debris
such jetsam of the flaccid
city as washes in & out
with her tide & lunar thought.
But the wind blows her.

548. 12 January 2006 - 6:27am
Mosquitoes have a language
all their own, powered by Ferrari.
At 3am I am persuaded.
Rational argument now ends.
Fuck smearing me with thin goo,
load artillery.

549. 12 January 2006 - 9:32pm
This tea last thing before I slip the day,
now shattered to ten thousand stars,
empty without you tho' my head is thick
with memories of your smile
& cute ass.

550. 12 January 2006 - 11:14pm
My beauty, I fly to you tonight
over mountains & the moon.
We touch each other's smile
with whispers of light.
We make love in the stars,
listening to the sea.

551. 13 January 2006 - 5:58am
Good morning darling, my love,
my beauty, moya krasavitsa!
The house is silent but for
classic Spanish guitar.
The suburb yawns,
the sleepless highway stirs.

552. 13 January 2006 - 6:13am
She is at the window waiting.
She locks, comes out, made up
for dinner. We greet, kiss
as always. I take her arm
as always. We speak of family
as always, Mum.

553. 14 January 2006 - 6:21am
Your bed & I wait here. Morning
rumours ghost like doves,
call from academic shades, pine
about history & rings of Saturn
this 7th day of sabbaths
& good grace.

554. 15 January 2006 - 9:21am
These lines of yours draw
the eye,  drill clear through
my heart, through my life,
excite my imagination & my body
flows into yours, our minds
sharing tongues.

555. 15 January 2006 - 9:27am
choir of voices praise a lord
longed for long time coming
by faith & not much else I know
happiness in the throat of desire
helicopter clapping loudly over head

556. 16 January 2006 - 7:07am
The weight of history turns
on the axle of today. A day
like any other in the seasons,
so repeated, but unique & fresh
in every second as I wake
to your beauty.

557. 17 January 2006 - 6:56am
Here human sounds shout at birds,
song is lost, melody bangs
out mechanical exhausted notes
with iron filings & burning rubber.
I hear no dove call my heart.

558. 18 January 2006 - 6:39am
This eye sees a world
like yours, maybe identical.
What do I make of it?
The Madame Tussaud's of contrivance,
bread & circus,
headlined hypocrisy?
Just poetry.

559. 19 January 2006 - 6:16am
He admires his fingers, stretches
& turns them, yes, beautiful
as prayers still innocent, as words
not yet put to use in poem or passion,
as stars before dawn.

560. 19 January 2006 - 0:20pm
Mosquito net drapes the bed
in wedding veil light
& curves your body
to its isthmus with mine. There
like two promontories, our faces
touch & taste salty love.

561. 20 January 2006 - 6:34am
Yesterday's metaphor has fattened
in the unslept night, to sleek cliché.
Grazes in herds contentedly. Nearby,
predator & poet hunger, plan feast
& ambush.

562. 21 January 2006 - 8:36am
Your little cries flutter in song
with dawn's full throat. Morning's
linen thrown to the wind
as a great barque takes strain
on her sheets to ease away,

563. 21 January 2006 – 4:23pm
My father's eyes see through
this skull's mausoleum in another
place or time where we are equal
dust, our energy reconnected
to the grid of light
I cannot see.

564. 22 January 2006 - 7:28am
It's three months to the river
that brought tears to me.
Tears that froze in death's name
shade, touched nothing but death.
Here my heart's joy sunshine smiles.

565. 23 January 2006 - 6:12am
I hear the call to prayer
from minarets of dawn
as I turn my own thoughts
on this day's lathe & work
rough edged shapes
to an inner vision held close
to dream.

566. 24 January 2006 - 6:24am
I contemplate the day over the rim of this tea
sweetening my eye with thoughts of thee.
I admit the sculpture of buttock
& hors d'ouvre lips lick luck
or dream.

567. 24 January 2006 - 3:05pm
These yellow fangs indentured
in gnawing words from bones,
gorging on similes of meaning
like dogs worrying exhumed
delicacies of foetid earth,
rich & secret.

568. 25 January 2006 - 6:14am
This grin of dawn yawns, swallows
night, farts in alimentary traffic
that stirs in the bowels
of the city. Even doves coo
like clocks, as if this were poetry.

569. 25 January 2006 - 6:23am
Hold us close again: I would feel
your geography & your lips.
We fit as Africa does America,
come together in New Gondwana.
There, here, these coasts lap us.

570. 26 January 2006 - 6:17am
Ten keys to unlock my day,
each to its each door.
That other door has no key,
is always open to you.
Come in! Feel the warmth
of my hearth at the heart.

571. 26 January 2006 - 6:27am
Ten keys to lock my day,
each to its each door.
I am my own gaoler,
close each way,
jangle my passing each day,
mark freedom's passage
with closure, bolted too.

572. 26 January 2006 - 8:25pm
A noose of fire, livid, burns
Lion's Head. His mane,
as if the smoking wind speaks
to a devil whose single red eye
stares in malice at the ship
robed in brass.

573. 27 January 2006 - 6:24am
Mozart strains test the air,
barely, thinly among engines
of this loud age. I am so dulled
by noise. Neverending scream
of prosperity: I no longer hear

574. 28 January 2006 - 7:58am
There is no better morning
than these summer sheets
kicked back, & the tide flowing
up the beach to shock me
with your touch, an anemone
in a pool drowning now.

575. 29 January 2006 - 7:35am
How the solemn toll calls me
to the vestry of a prayer
as the bell rings simplicity
over the sleeping suburb
where the air lies fallow
this morning at peace.

576. 29 January 2006 - 7:43am
Your naked body in the kitchen
of my appetites has me feel
the fruit, such apples of desire
as have me fall & rise up again
with old hunger to taste you now.

577. 30 January 2006 - 6:53am
I return to boyhood here where
I left not yet a pimpled age.
It's the same, more of the same.
Though graves remain
& the tennis club.
Sunny, happy days renewed.

578. 30 January 2006 - 7:02am
The sea is gone as if a tide
has swept out leaving me
to pick through debris
& broken people on the flats.
The gulls have flown. Timid
doves pray in the pines.

579. 31 January 2006 - 6:29am
These premonitions open time
like my penknife the unpeeled
apple. Strange dreams accompany
me as if a madness undressed
the night to speak in fluencies
of fear.

580. 1 February 2006 - 7:28am
How do I love you?
Like Donne, Barrett?
Shakespeare or Marvell?
Neruda perhaps, palpitating?
No! I love you with wind-blown
surf & sea deep blue,
us singing.

581. 1 February 2006 - 9:42am
The summer heat is molten
today, as though the sun stepped
closer to embrace me
as it will in its fullness.
So, too, your warmth
that woke us with dawn's song.

582. 1 February 2006 - 2:48pm
I turn the calendar to February
snow in Suffolk. The distant star
flickers in a cathedral sky, grey
with ice & age. A magpie lifts
above the spire exhausted.

583. 2 February 2006 - 6:38am
Your eyelash smile gives me wings.
Fly my heart to mead & meadow,
take me. Put me out to pasture
here to taste honeyed
grasses, sleep at the font
of devotion.

584. 2 February 2006 - 6:51am
The ambition of a smile
tugs at her eyes threatening
laughter as if tickled in childhood.
Now she shows no such weakness
in the face of time,
etched in old oak.

585. 2 February 2006 - 1:35pm
She sees a collage of her thought
painted on the surface
of her mind as the eagle sees
a world beneath the eye's
inspection. Then seeds the brush,
& eats it.

586. 3 February 2006 - 7:02am
The sullen sun rose weary
with summer heat today.
Short-tempered & red-necked,
stiff as an old colonel,
bristling with war,
it hurries to noon.
Mad imperatives.

587. 4 February 2006 - 6:19am
Uncoiling along cliffs of night
the steel spring highway
stares fiercely at an impetuous moon
that scythes cloud & sea,
points at my heart.
Knows I love thee.

588. 4 February 2006 - 6:29am
Lords of Manhattan watch
evening open night's eyes.
Who knows what ends
they plan, for they plan -
I know their laughter -
exchanges in currencies
of darkness.

589. 5 February 2006 - 6:56am
She takes a pebble
from her purse, holds it high,
calls her muse from sleep.
Words flow, tumble in laughter,
fall as rain in deserts,
bloom, turn pebble

590. 6 February 2006 - 7:00am
Who is in me?
Sometimes looking out behind my eyes
with malice or laughter I do not get;
this man who is not me. As a virus,
this everlasting divinity
lives on.

591. 7 February 2006 - 6:44am
Empty of welcome light
the house broods in the night.
Dark spirits swirl at the threshold,
whisper at the nape of fear.
I turn the key, hold love's
candle high.

592. 7 February 2006 - 7:46am
I would kiss your lips, see
the galaxy turn on the wheel
of time. Touch the architecture
of your body, the flying
buttresses of devotion,
cloisters of music.

593. 7 February 2006 - 8:03pm
The cliffs at Swartklip look down
the throat of the South Easter,
the wind thick & green & bilious.
Gulls tumble stiffly over stone-lipped
fishers, silently.

594. 7 February 2006 - 10:59pm
This dram of fire steeped
in ancestors & peat
& northern airs, squeezed
in testicles of intent
or music forbidden
by law & garment,
but the night & lady wait.

595. 8 February 2006 - 5:59am
Liquid air thick kelp-breathed
bends to the Imperial Ocean.
Shoals of gulls float above
Swartklip turning stiffly as cogs.
Below, white horses surf the reef.

596. 9 February 2006 - 6:26am
What calculus shows intersection
of bodies in motion or light
as it bends from your eyes
or fountains in a grand piazza?
I know this by our touch
this morning.

597. 10 February 2006 - 6:37am
This fortress that is me, this
Kremlin of my world built to keep,
the moat & barrier fence
horizons of nightmare.
Nobody sees divine cathedrals
I build within.

598. 11 February 2006 - 7:42am
Sipping green tea in bed
morning light
your breasts nipplesoft
heat in my eye
my tongue & my lip
images uncover curve & fabric
your ocean laughter
spills over.

599. 12 February 2006 - 8:22am
Already morning shrunk
to a line of poetry
recalling lives of saints
or sinners - you decide -
who know the edge
of torn flesh & the cut
of words meant for God.

600. 12 February 2006 - 9:12pm
ranked wooden soldiers
the felled hero
logged among the dead
shattered to a stump
casualties in a war on paper
of truth & light
where Pinocchio lives on?

601. 13 February 2006 - 6:15am
High as tea clipper masts
crowded under sail before a SE trade,
eucalyptus stretch for rumours
of air. Older than any man
in girth of years, no older
than me.

602. 14 February 2006 - 6:21am
Last night the moon stood
still, reflected in a poem
or two, couplets holding hands,
connecting to each other's
universe. As if we were
rhymes of God,
or love.

603. 14 February 2006 - 10:52am
What love is this that brings
no flower or trinket of affection
on Valentine's day? Is it stone,
this heart, that beats
to the pulse of ocean blue,
you beauty?

604. 15 February 2006 - 6:32am
Time is stubborn, holds me
in the sun for now, wears me
down to essentials
that I should know meaning
from intent. That the moon is full
for its reasons.

605. 15 February 2006 - 6:40am
Beneath the galaxy, city lights
twinkle like stars. Pines listen
to rumours, black as night
where chat shrinks
to a sigh, holding hands
as a buttermoon rises.

606. 16 February 2006 - 6:16am
The call to prayer seems early.
His voice small in the small light
promising illumination & longing.
Sea breeze dawn dust
& the day in its youth
jogs, sings.

607. 17 February 2006 - 6:17am
Likewise this traffic in words,
this currency to represent
value or truth or emotion.
I hear it: will not believe
my ears. Long for the music
of gulls at sea.

608. 17 February 2006 - 6:36am
Likewise longing has meaning.
It is to taste.
To touch nippledesire.
It is to rest darkeyes
on lightcheek.
To hear heart's joybeat.
To walk on dreammountain.

609. 17 February 2006 - 10:21am
Likewise the mystery of love.
Chemistry dull-witted,
mechanics & biology straining
to explain trajectories of faith.
Or longing for psychiatric self.
Or God.

610. 17 February 2006 - 10:34am
Likewise the stubborn
caricature, painted murals
of the walled city hears
distant trumpet trembling
while cartoons entrain,
leave town in carriages
of graffiti.

611. 17 February 2006 - 6:17pm
Likewise assumptions of love.
Its essence unspoken,
unspeakable awe
as the calculus of galaxies
hung in nebulous mystery
or the spider's web
dewlit dawn jewels.

612. 18 February 2006 - 6:32am
on ointments
your each jar a mystery
specific for face or foot
lotions to tender
tender breast & bum
odours breathe deep
such balms that lubricate
my resolve

613. 18 February 2006 - 8:55pm
on salad
terracotta fresh black earth
green as fields of basil
hint of peppers chives
chopped cashews roasted
on tongues of lettuce
tomato grapes of vine

614. 19 February 2006 - 8:56am
on electricity
no alarm jags my dream
of car of high fidelity
the national grid fails
the refrain of nature
breaking through plastic
but tea on gas tastes great

615. 19 February 2006 - 0:31pm
on forest
compost grounded skyline
rooted gargoyles silent
proverbs echo in hidden hives
child's terror laughter
red riding hood & wolves
dust rising sunbeams

616. 20 February 2006 - 6:26am
Naked rain on this summer
parchment writing poetry
again of vegetable growth
under grey eaves gutted
in excess where starlings bathe
in cracked  porcelain

617. 21 February 2006 - 6:12am
We speak in words of concrete
& brick, build a wall.
Best to keep, out & in.
Monument to misunderstanding.
Walled cities everywhere intolerant
sick at heart.

618. 21 February 2006 - 10:22am
Starlings spring guiltily
from the fig tree. I test a fruit -
what tenderness, what leaves hide,
what milk -
peel it like a bell guiltily.
Starlings watching.

619. 21 February 2006 - 8:50pm
Fields of childhood grassed
with touch & tag, bicycles,
roads of freedom, wargames,
thieving sweeties, Oom Sollie's,
comparative erections in Port Jackson dens.

620. 22 February 2006 - 6:37am
Candlelight to love by: uncontrived
small flame cupped in the heart
of us, our beauty softened
by light of night, ageless,
touches ancient fires,
distant sight.

621. 23 February 2006 - 6:11am
Venus & Jupiter stud
aubergine dawn suspend
my imagination over
starmaps such galaxies
numbered numberless lie hidden
in light. Oh if God could
but believe it.

622. 24 February 2006 - 6:52am
The sixth flaw is loss
of tears. Never weeping
looks to an artless world
where every sense is painted
bright, brashful, its energy
gone, a husk, dry death

623. 24 February 2006 - 8:10pm
Maynardville night trees dark
against darkening light.
Food for thought, love
in the wings, Sacred Ibis roost,
like Pharaohs among riverine willows,

624. 25 February 2006 - 0:38am
Fat-bottomed girls move
night music into poledance.
Boys watch onion-eyed,
think with small of brains,
know the call of the wild,
wanna lapdance now now now...

625. 25 February 2006 - 7:50am
Parabolas delight my eye
excite me to follow lines
into the curve of poetry.
Or metaphors bend in the warm
air, touch on meaning beneath
a subcutaneous grace.

626. 26 February 2006 - 7:34am
Naked mist's touch,
cool in the herb garden
fragrant as wild basil
or mint. I linger.
Back to our bed, touch your
warmth, your warmth embraces
the hearth of me.

627. 27 February 2006 - 7:23am
This misty moisty morning
mantra connecting ourselves
that the world must wait!
Ah, Dear Mundane, parallel
universe without little cries
or birdsong
& clocked.

628. 27 February 2006 - 11:02am
Yesterday's Atlantic tide
beach sands & granite
softened to pebbles of art
in time's palm.
Beneath this beating heart
churns the mantle
fired at the core
of us.

629. 28 February 2006 - 7:10am
Thus the rhyme of morning
ends with electric verve,
plunges us into instant
reality. Were it not for
ten thousand engines,
there would be silence.
I would sing.

630. 1 March 2006 - 7:20am
his voice a year silent in the grave
unspoken almost forgotten
she hears him she chats
I think of times when
his spirit clothed in words
speaks his poetry

631. 1 March 2006 - 6:56pm
Each poem an exquisite
mandela in design & mood
complete in every syllable
the underlying simile
giving backbone to body
the poet saw in his reflections
of you.

632. 2 March 2006 - 6:53am
These lines are sardine,
wordshoals of breathing sea.
I swim to drink to drown
to draw words
to my lines,
baited with heldbreath.
The net is empty.
I thirst.

633. 3 March 2006 - 6:37am
Highway traffic pounds
the long black shore of the suburb.
Roadkill flotsam & jetsam
mingle with the rushing tide,
are picked at by the crow.
No gull calls me.

634. 4 March 2006 - 7:36am
Saturday dawn quiet
Eskimo noses
making love
like roses
like dewfallen night
eyes bright
little cries
your face
our embrace
Zodiac signed

635. 4 March 2006 - 8:54am
Saturday newspaper eggs & bacon
coffee fetching me from night
chat crosswords sudoku
my brain refusing logic
ache to walk along the shore
holding hands

636. 5 March 2006 - 8:08am
Sandpiper sunset,
sea of brass,
white mussel strand
& wind trading from the SE.
Hand in hand holding
the dying day in the lens
of our joy, eyeing
coming night.

637. 6 March 2006 - 6:47am
Beneath the smouldering
sea, embers of Jutland
& Bismarck. Rending of flesh,
drowned sailors. Horrible wars
seen in periscopes
of fear. Now, we fire
& forget.

638. 7 March 2006 - 6:59am
Is strength from without?
From the hills?
Is weakness within?
I see a grey gull turn
on a delicacy of air,
whose great howl bends backs
& trees.

639. 8 March 2006 - 6:32am
This morning, limpid sky,
Venus floats at the surface.
Beneath, bugs traffic
trivial errands,
move in orbits too tiny
to see at a distance,
always earthbound.

640. 8 March 2006 - 6:44am
Your smile has opened
into full bloom. Each eye
a mirror flashing light
of stars deep within a galaxy
distant as all knowing
but close enough to touch
your lip.

641. 9 March 2006 - 6:33am
clouds come conceived
in waters south, there reborn,
carried over pilchard breathing sea
to weep on the crying city
bleeding in its last spittle.

642. 10 March 2006 - 6:44am
I turn the page,
read on. The poem has wings,
earthbound. Would soar
like a voice, now inarticulated.
Below blow newspapers, litter
every margin.

643. 10 March 2006 - 7:43pm
Brighouse & Rastrick Brass
Band drew me back
to a stream & dale.
And rain. Corbies in gaunt winter,
dry stone walls & the crack
of shots fowling the moor.

644. 11 March 2006 - 7:37am
yesterday's road brought me
here home to you. Small town
manners & flies stirring
air hot with boredom, nobody
speaks. I leave,
pass a grey town.

645. 12 March 2006 - 7:24am
the song is sung.
No words coin silences
of that last note.
Distant thunder announces.
In the bay, a ketch reaches.
I would speak but for poetry.

646. 12 March 2006 - 7:38pm
at day's rim we bid
farewell. See night emerge
from light. Hear the last gull
roost on a beached dinghy,
nod at the parting,
tuck her cocked eye.

647. 13 March 2006 - 7:02am
music flows from his fingers.
Each note threaded by silence
so brief I cannot hear it.
Melody shines from his eyes,
closed by visions & miracles.

648. 14 March 2006 - 8:21am
A full moon, drawn to me
through upper limbs of pine,
rises like a metaphor.
If I were a painter, why then,
you would see such proportion
as no word nor poetry.

649. 15 March 2006 - 7:18am
As distance becomes time,
& I age, so does the clock's tick
quiet me. I barely hear
the passing year. Words fail the music
of this overture, this melody -

650. 16 March 2006 - 7:19am
Does a smile better mask truth?
Or does a clown not expose more?
The court fool's revelations
a font of wisdom?
Poker-face grim are lies
of intention - beware.

651. 17 March 2006 - 6:50am
Time's instrument in the melody
of Mendelssohn's violin
stretches a bridge over
a void of noise. Each note
an intimacy, lovingly laid
& replayed in his heart.

652. 18 March 2006 - 7:19am
An old moon at dawn
in the herb garden sets
like a silver shilling's hint
of worth on a strand
as the tide ebbs.
I take tea to your naked bed,
kiss my sunshine.

653. 19 March 2006 - 7:27am
Is knowing you beyond
loving? Loving - being loved -
is about me, about you, knowing
about us. As we join so
we know - little by little -
about our dimensions.

654. 19 March 2006 - 7:37am
What song & dance we had
yesterday! Early at the Waterfront
gulls pivot on the breeze
like prayers searching for God.
While near, tables murmur joy
& breakfast.

655. 19 March 2006 - 7:43am
What song & dance we had
yesterday! Children of the stage
move to the drum of blood
in the brain. Limbs carrying
bodies to the pulse of memory.
Mouths of grace.

656. 20 March 2006 - 6:49am
Crickets ring matins' bells,
far shores echo in the pines.
Our voices whisper in dawn's embrace.
Rhythms of joy,
joys of our passion.
Finches sing responses.

657. 20 March 2006 - 6:54am
My left brain has taken charge.
Already the ranking logic
marches along the old road,
thinking strategies & reason.
Far behind, now, in your warmth,
lives hope.

658. 20 March 2006 - 3:50pm
Let me curve from this logic
to your parabolas, to the arc
of your beauty, the carriage
of desire, & hot lust.
Or the depth in your eyes
that well like tears.

659. 21 March 2006 - 7:05am
bare-breasted dawn
propped among pillows
green tea steaming
you faraway dreaming
looking for meaning
in pencilled notes
for picture or poem
for rhyme or reason

660. 21 March 2006 - 7:13am
Is poetry - art -
the jerk of a knee
no more than a stimulus
applied to an edge
like a needle - such pain -
or caress to externals
to remind me what
God forgot?

661. 22 March 2006 - 6:12am
Encounters with baboon or adder
in the wild evoke arguments
of kingdom - whose domain
I trespass? It belies truth:
I am an animal of earth,
equal not owner.

662. 22 March 2006 - 6:18am
These years of memory fading
into wisdom & the late bloom
of your love, when I can sense
my youth with no touch or sight,
yet I see with clarity
visions of old.

663. 22 March 2006 - 6:26am
A mountain path bitten
from the gullet of Steenbras
leads a littered track
to pools of glass watered
by molten copper, cool as thirst.
There we met Hi-Chacma!

664. 23 March 2006 - 6:35am
Sergeant Pepper smiles
at girls & boys sunbathing
naked as the roof
of the Danish Embassy,
Knightsbridge '67.
Songs do that.
Real audio visuals,
tears & laffs.

665. 23 March 2006 - 7:05pm
Tugs return to berth,
a bone of sea jawed,
in closing light.
Round the basin
restaurants entice me
to gourmet under a swaggering
menu. Fat cats & gulls,
& tugs.

666. 23 March 2006 - 7:13pm
Waterfront embers flame
on ripples of sound.
Contrapuntal gulls orchestrate
for fish 'n chips.
Diesels throb rhythms
along quays of fish.
I reflect on senses.

667. 23 March 2006 - 7:28pm
Ships lean on hawsers
in the sleeping tide.
Jack stands at the rail
smoking, flicks the but,
arcs over the side,
hisses in embracing sea.
Spits soundlessly.

668. 24 March 2006 - 6:11am
The sheltering spider
gives the wall eyes,
watches our sleeping
rhythms for signals
of danger. Is that venom
I feel stir in my veins?
She moves to the ceiling.

669. 25 March 2006 - 8:05am
Saturday, planet-god, sabbath
of dreams wakening
me to your touch,
your hand the instrument,
combing night from dawn.
Frangipani frames our window,
in green.

670. 26 March 2006 - 8:19am
The face at the door
begs. Is it Christ there
with his bowl, needing silver,
to make his point again?
God knows the truth
in this, so I turned him away

671. 26 March 2006 - 6:15pm
In the light of this candle
I write to you in syllables
of devotion. Imagine huge shadows
cast on our wall
of giants at love,
puppeting the strings of ecstasy.

672. 27 March 2006 - 7:13am
Shortening light
draws in the naked morning.
Autumnal thoughts flutter
like migrants. Yet vines
are still rich rouge
on the cheeks
of the valley
in sunshine.

673. 28 March 2006 - 6:47am
Last year's voyage's barely
visible on the horizon.
Sometimes I hear echoes
of the band playing mad music
it cannot be! Those disharmonies,
sailing into ice.

674. 28 March 2006 - 6:55am
These valleys & foothills
lead to summits, each challenge,
where I will find the flower
of you in the rare air.
There, in that light, only then,
will you know.

675. 29 March 2006 - 6:36am
An old scar, long healed
as horizons, reminds me yet
of distances, as pages unturned
in 40 years. These fingers touched her
then: I forget where
or her name.

676. 30 March 2006 - 6:23am
Forty years of road
not straight & narrow,
not back & forth,
breathed in breathed out,
are not a drop, not a molecule
in oceans of time,
so live it,
so love it!

677. 30 March 2006 - 6:29am
As the sun sets
so I see the light.
Reflections in waters
of time, where boats
sleep like the living
in the breathing
tide. Where light plays
on a burning sea.

678. 30 March 2006 - 0:30pm
Thinking of you,
of your parted lips,
that tongue of desire
soft as nipples
of Venus
with the god's eyes,
blue as depth,
cool as drowning,
swimming in my oasis.

679. 31 March 2006 - 6:42am
Where is the voice of a poet?
I hear it in words standing
at street corners, smoking.
I once heard some laughing
at memories of an old friend,
autumn leaves.

680. 31 March 2006 - 2:31pm
This morning's rhythms
ripple deep waters. The depth
I plumb with knotted lines
to find the measure of you.
But that widening smile tells
me of fathoms & seas.

681. 1 April 2006 - 9:18am
What song is it I hear now?
Melody that moves treetops,
pauses, resumes, breathes
airs, holds the ear to a curve.
Is this the meaning of listening
to angels?

682. 2 April 2006 - 6:21am
A builder with his level
stands at the edge of shanty town
waiting. Pied crows dispute
roadkill, a pug shattered
to leather. Nobody stops here
for a bricklayer.

683. 2 April 2006 - 10:02am
Here, at the mountain's eye,
I look down on a competing world,
shrill in adversary,
from peace in part
of tooth & claw
with laughter of children
among trees.

684. 3 April 2006 - 6:18am
In the literature of rain
is the simple character
of water. Last night it began,
an orchestra tuning under the first violin,
and I heard the frangipani sing.

685. 4 April 2006 - 6:33am
This empty page is the pane
of today. Through it I imagine
all of time stretched out
to the horizon of knowing.
It is beautiful - oh such mountains
of desire!

686. 5 April 2006 - 6:01am
A grey slate sea below
with orders of ship
plying lawful occasions.
Nothing moves beneath
an untroubled surface.
All great issues of birth & death
are hidden.

687. 6 April 2006 - 6:11am
Those silences we share
are the warp & weft
of our love. Are we ever closer
than in our sleeping,
never touch more gently,
never smile so -
despite my snores?

688. 6 April 2006 - 6:18am
Is music the only way
to interrupt perfect silence?
Or does a child's clear question
add beauty as ripples do
to a quiet pond? The reflections
of a blank mind?

689. 7 April 2006 - 6:02am
I hardly mention grace these days,
after the fall. As if she were
a figment & me a figure of fun.
But I find her close
to my heart, here where we kiss
the sky.

690. 8 April 2006 - 6:31am
In the nursery of understanding,
where the world is bright,
where rhyme & toy order my joy:
here, now, are games I play
in ignorance & ageless innocence.

691. 8 April 2006 - 6:37am
Of your tongue:
I speak now of wonders
of language & flavour.
Were it a limb, most articulate,
more curious than a forefinger
& more delicate. See
how it licks?

692. 9 April 2006 - 7:48am
Men of war idle in the tide
of history now, chat over fish.
Those distant snotty times
& those that have gone:
how we've changed
in our eyes.
How blue the sea.

693. 10 April 2006 - 6:08am
What leprosy is this that would lose
your embrace? The unclean
on his prison island waiting
for the touch of freedom,
the flash of her eyes,
the lowered silks?

694. 10 April 2006 - 6:17am
The commander, captain of his men,
his ship the engine of rank:
under a new ensign, stiff
with weapons, rides the same
deep ocean as any
Flying Dutchman's cape.

695. 11 April 2006 - 6:44am
The ageing soprano, her voice
mellowed now by wine & cake,
laughs with an old Peter Pan.
Echoes of La Scala in that timbre,
her lips still red
as she sighs now.

696. 12 April 2006 - 6:36am
Those curves of you,
which turn me to art
& arts in praise,
which are familiar to touch
& raise this happy tension,
this head of steam
this glorious morning.

697. 12 April 2006 - 6:45am
Seductive as a secret
cove the tide uncovers
with the moon's pale eye,
I hear the gull
sweep across the swollen sea
in limpid morning air.
So, the gods sing.

698. 13 April 2006 - 6:18am
I am a plagiarist.
All my words precede me
of others born & bred.
Nothing new. No idea
not echoed from a line,
a page somewhere I forget
where. No word is mine.
699. 13 April 2006 - 6:28am
Shall I compare
the fishing boat bobbing sea
whose margin fades
forever & forever
when I move.
Come madam, come,
all rest my powers defy:
nor no man ever loved.

700. 13 April 2006 - 6:42am
Each word tailored from the tapestry
of English. Woven by the fingers
Donne & Tennyson,
the furrowed brow
of Bill Shakespeare,
Dylan Thomas' voice...
Not mine.

701. 14 April 2006 - 7:41am
Good Friday drizzle:
through grey light
I hear the call to prayer
from the pale green mosque.
Christian silence in the dormitory
suburb. Only cars whisper, God.

702. 14 April 2006 - 7:51am
I hear you in the shower,
the radio playing a concerto
on the fridge. A gang of hadedas
fly over like witches.
Rain falls from the dishcloth sky
like promises.

703. 15 April 2006 - 6:23am
Yesterday's weather cleared
& my eye brightened.
This morning's silence is sacred
as a tomb. Beyond these walls
I hear the heartbeat
& the song: no rain today?

704. 15 April 2006 - 10:49am
My rage over software
(not my stuff) today
is a deeply satisfying urge
to exact revenge
of the most excruciating kind
on the inanimate intelligence
so stupidly.

705. 16 April 2006 - 6:28am
Sunday morning before dawn,
nighted as cloisters
day quiet as a murmur,
as the choir files through
the knave. Odour of incense
lingers by the tomb
of a knight.

706. 17 April 2006 - 7:03am
The mountain of yesterday,
seen in all its burnt clarity,
looks over visions
of past life.
There's no rhyme
or reason to it.
Only the vivid colour
of new life.

707. 18 April 2006 - 6:16am
Will I forget gulls
as they wheel above
regiments of surfmarines
parading to the promenade?
Or old kelp hardened
to kindling dry of
Or the deep blue?

708. 19 April 2006 - 6:45am
Night at the docks:
Mexican sailors promenade
from a tall ship quiet
as the murmured tide.
We sip coffee, chat.
A soufflé moon rises over the basin,

709. 20 April 2006 - 6:23am
Look East, see Jupiter
lording over dawn
this morning glory.
Handel's Royal Fireworks
play on the radio.
Joy & grace
of ages beyond
the brim of this
cup of tea.

710. 20 April 2006 - 0:34pm
I look down on tranquil Simonstown:
no airs stir
in the rigging.
Frigates tethered
fore & aft
calmly wait.
Hear a bosun's call
deep in the waters
of my history.

711. 21 April 2006 - 6:19am
The hitch-hiker thumbs
the road, his mind
on destinations
a continent away.
His imagination
under the tarmac
of distances
where she waits
not knowing
he comes.

712. 22 April 2006 - 7:56am
Still the horizons come:
each for every time
I turn as the gull's wind
bends with the kite's
taut string or the line
of surf crashing on reefs
of exuberance.

713. 22 April 2006 - 8:03am
Your breast draws
melody & dance
to the texture
of morning. Here
I am touched by the taste
of you, your lips.
Your eyes drink me.
I am of you, in you,
my heart.

714. 23 April 2006 - 9:28am
Another poem of anger,
rage of women
(collective noun),
speaks to the deaf.
I cannot hear voices
of gentle men
celebrated: the lovers
& fathers born
of mothers.

715. 24 April 2006 - 6:39am
Who would steal the heart
of the poet? To leave
a husk forever silent
in wintry ice & stare?
None! The poet keeps
her heart close, closer
than her mind's

716. 25 April 2006 - 6:30am
War comes ever over
horizons to feed
on gentle men
& women. I hear crying
in valleys of despair
& broken bodies.
Even the wind howls
as the last man falls

717. 25 April 2006 - 6:37am
I met the puff-adder
taking morning air
& the youthful warmth
of the sun. We greet
in sibilants of course,
mine drawn in,
his voicing fear
I might tread
on him.

718. 26 April 2006 - 7:13am
Therefore the long heel
of horizons escape
tirelessly. Today I leave
for the Black Mountains,
which are nearer God,
to see better the rim
of this world & time.

719. 27 April 2006 7:01am
The Black Mountain stands
implacable as the ages
in morning light.
We prepare our assault
with small witticisms
but mountains say nothing.
Only eagles speak.

720. 28 April 2006 6:40am
Exoskeleton of the Swartberg
wearies every bone.
This long day leaning
against the slope ends
at horizons painted
in purple & magenta. Thus
die moeite werd.

721. 29 April 2006 6:10am
Nothing in the city equals
Orion in the mountains.
I stand here in the small hours
to pee & know the eyes
of heaven watch me.
Somewhere distant a bark or cough.

722. 30 April 2006 6:50am
The prima donna makes her entrances
& exits with a practised smile.
She turns & bends;
she pirouettes
with accustomed grace.
A watching male sees
every curve.

723. 1 May 2006 10:08am
The trail takes it toll,
the wind, rain, sleet, snow,
its currency. We collect
pine cones, sit by the hearth,
joke at the magnificence.
Know we are passers-by.

724. 1 May 2006 - 10:42am
Such jokes blow against
the wind as the masked
mountains frown under
the distant sea storm
that beats across the plain
that blooms with the new
breath of hearts.

725. 2 May 2006 06:49am
The city traffics in noise,
exchanges rancour & retort
I cannot hear.
On the high mountain
the wind speaks
to my beating heart
in whispers clear across valleys.

726. 3 May 2006 - 6:23am
Fragrances of winter sea,
steel & iron, iodine
& ozone. In the offing
three ships sip the swollen
tide. A pilchard boat blue
& bruised, proceeds
purse lipped.

727. 3 May 2006 - 6:30am
A point of light
no bigger than a yellow star
gutters in the window
of the hut. Gives no warmth
to the hand, but does
the heart. This neon
thoughtless & cold.

728. 4 May 2006 - 6:24am
A day I could contemplate
my ceiling. A vegetable day
striving for light
each shortening turn.
Soon the fruits of breakfast
will sweeten me
& play these words.

729. 5 May 2006 - 6:56am
Happiness is this slow fire,
this hearth. Here we come
together in joy & quiet.
You will find my heart
here; I risk the cold
here. This is home.
Our joy, ours.

730. 5 May 2006 - 7:01am
A man lost his right arm,
but not his laughter
or his wicked humour.
I contemplate my hands,
stretch my fingers,
examine sculpted nails,
the rings, that beauty.

731. 6 May 2006 - 6:03am
This time of mountains,
soil & distances,
folded earth & rain.
And near, the chemistry
of sea - how it breathes
about my cold ankles,
would dissolve my bones.

732. 7 May 2006 - 7:24am
After rain a Cape turtle dove
calls the chorus to song.
The city lies quiet as Sunday
morning but for the highway.
Soon happy clappers
will sing praises
O Lord.

733. 8 May 2006 - 6:23am
There is snow icing
far mountains.
In the valley the vine
has turned her complexion
to autumn falling.
Riebeek Kasteel's neat
smile waits for the crowd
to go.

734. 9 May 2006 - 6:27am
The poet weaves her magic
tapestry. Each thread silk
chosen from the finest worm,
fed on the finest mulberry.
Her words cross silences
like birds over winters.

735. 9 May 2006 - 6:40am
The coast road skirts
laced surf stitched
loosely to calm sea.
The island of seals
lies becalmed in mystery.
I drive home to you
on this black ribbon,

736. 10 May 2006 - 6:44am
I hear surf upon the reef still,
when I close myself
to the tide of traffic
sweeping up & down
the highway. Here dead dogs
gutter in their stench,
& silence.

737. 11 May 2006 - 7:11am
The last of summer reflects
in the afternoon sea.
Dusk comes sooner
& the stars are bright
tonight. We hold hands,
watch a French movie,
eat bitter chocolate.

738. 11 May 2006 - 7:27pm
The moon almost full
raises itself over the city
balanced on a dome
like the haunted eye
of the last astonished
vagrant waiting outside
the silent opera house.

739. 12 May 2006 - 6:16am
Under Wetton bridge
between the carriageways
a poor family sleeps.
Death speeds past
on either side,
they know it
but ignore it,
cannot hear birds
sing also.

740. 12 May 2006 - 6:21am
I love your beautiful
womanly bottom.
How it rounds you off.
One of natures miracles
I admire, along with
ocean swells & a great seabird
lifting over crests.

741. 13 May 2006 07:36am
What ghostly face stares
as the full moon sets
this glorious morning?
I hear calls to prayer
from the minaret,
a cough, dogs,
toilets flush,
the naked day rise.

742. 14 May 2006 - 7:16am
It is damp out, worms
fresh for the hadedas
picking at the sports field.
An aging moon sets
through clouds over the mountain,
drizzle falls on the yawning city.

743. 14 May 2006 - 3:46pm
The old palms, still.
An unruffled sea frames
a yacht distant as memories
of a breeze. Hydra headed
kelp kneads the tide
in a languid dance.
A seal reflects.

744. 15 May 2006 - 6:00am
I am filled with thoughts
that jam the traffic
of poetry. The ordered
mind asserting its
ego. The other echoes
from its place
in the light & shadow
of this day.

745. 15 May 2006 - 7:39pm
A big black guy with a rich
fat laugh runs the car park
opposite the pub. He sees
people come & go,
remembers where their cars
got lost. Watches keys fumble.

746. 16 May 2006 - 6:36am
Sunday at Kalk Bay,
coffee & shortcake
at the Olympia. You
& me near the gods.
Across the road the harbour
busy. A trawler dries out
on the slipway, red-leaded.

747. 17 May 2006 - 6:04am
The horizon is dripping
from the roof this morning.
Is this winter? The beginning
of power cuts & delights
of snuggling up to you
these dark dawns' lovers.

748. 18 May 2006 - 6:04am
What repeated moods
mill this course of life.
Always the same
the delight of Orion rising
like an Imperial Starcruiser
over the mountains east
or the slow moon.

749. 19 May 2006 - 6:31am
Is poetry in silence?
We saw squadrons of cormorant,
hundreds of black birds,
skim the sea
in long-winged chevrons.
We could not hear them
from where we sat.

750. 20 May 2006 - 6:50am
Night unfolds into dawn,
the world comes round,
greets the rain. Over this
rim of hot bush tea
the horizons play
like a movie set
in the driest
river of Africa.

751. 21 May 2006 - 7:46am
The morning heavy with moisture,
the rain barely stopped
as though the suburb lies
at the bottom of a lake
& birds minnows flitting
between vegetation silently.

752. 21 May 2006 - 9:50am
The violin is moody.
Either the saddest air
bends the music over
tears or a jig fiddles
with wild laughter
to high lifted glasses
& the breasted barmaid's eyes.

753. 22 May 2006 - 6:25am
The world surfaced yesterday
to wallow in the shallows.
So many birds bathing in puddles
after all those showers?
From the harbour the sea
careless of the rain.

754. 22 May 2006 - 2:39pm
Practical poetry is breathing
in when I don't need to,
closing my eyes in the rain.
Rhymes are the pulse
of the earth-heart that
circle these years,
of mine.

755. 23 May 2006 - 6:45am
In every sense I find
the other. Music echoes
in landscapes, poetry in lines
of breakers, flavours of breakfast
in a photograph. And your touch
in my dreams.

756. 24 May 2006 - 6:15am
Beethoven 5th - victory's code
dit dit dit dah
to hum on the radio.
Takes me back
to my dead father:
how he loved it
turned up the volume.
He could whistle too.

757. 25 May 2006 - 6:27am
Each funeral I attend
brings mine closer.
And the dead attend
imagination with diligence
of those who know
a longer road. But here
the sun shines & my eyes.

758. 25 May 2006 - 2:17pm
Cancer, such small stars,
pinched by the twins
& the lion, so far.
Or a suicide pact kills
the host & itself
in myopic rage.
This home loving sickness
to ashes.

759. 26 May 2006 - 6:26am
The call to prayer,
ever faithful, cuts
the fabric of night.
Dawn calls the day
as I rise to make tea.
The clocks ticks routines.
I kiss your cheek,
your lips.

760. 27 May 2006 - 6:49am
In the dance they make love.
He turns she turns,
he goes she goes,
he comes she comes,
samba & waltz cha-cha-cha.
I sip rose red wine,
admire the wall-flowers.

761. 27 May 2006 - 6:58
The poet comes to the mike
with her work & a smile
to read & recite the joy
of her words. Some considered
others scribbled in bloodrush,
violent stabbing love.

762. 28 May 2006 - 8:29am
Early winter morning wet
enough to exercise the bed,
chat of cabbages & kings
over steaming tea, still flushed
with joy, replete with energy.
Still joined.

763. 28 May 2006 - 8:35am
The sea calls me,
I must go.
The moon in me flowing
with the tide. See how
the wing of the gull lifts
my chin in the breeze.
See the rhythm,
the painted joy.

764. 28 May 2006 - 4:55pm
The harbour seal knows
each hull by chine & keel.
Each rudder post marks
dangerous water that turns
sea to foam to cut
kelp & sealback alike.
Waters & peace.

765. 29 May 2006 - 6:32am
Love always as if this be
your last. Look to the diurnal
moment how it turns on every joy.
Celebrate the past.
Anticipate the future,
each taste, sight, touch.

766. 30 May 2006 - 6:43am
That yearning in the  depths
of us, the sea its metaphor,
surfaces in waters wet
with joy. That infusion
of self with other,
with everything,
brings grace home.

767. 30 May 2006 - 6:54am
There is beauty in night.
Its secrecies & mystery
covered in long silences.
Dreams are owls
dealing death
or the jig & dance of bats.
I watch a star
watch me.

768. 31 May 2006 - 6:24am
The last of autumn withers.
The days are fine,
nights burn like steel
on the Flats. Everybody sniffs,
drips. Even the muezzin's call
is flat & hoarse as frost.

769. 31 May 2006 - 7:32am
The plainest threads
show fabric of the finest tapestry.
I hear poets slur in bars. Poets
sell bananas &  newspapers.
A poet loads bricks
in rhyming couplets.

770. 1 June 2006 - 6:22am
The logic of today has entered
me like a virus. Each loop,
routinely repeats.
There is no joy
in the thrust of it.
The variables predictable
& programmed.

771. 2 June 2006 - 6:13am
A melody of rain gutters,
gusts pull at the curtains,
we burrow in our nest,
snouts show like mice,
sniff the morning,
hurry back under cover.
The clock ticks.

772. 3 June 2006 - 11:46am
The hearth of winter
is this log fire.
I watch flames dream,
lost in the spirits.
Outside, the iron night
holds ransomed stars high
above this wee dram of fire.

773. 3 June 2006 - 11:49am
This mountain cabin stands
in the lee of a buttress
that shares a view
across the plain
swept by an iron cold breeze.
The wind plays in the eaves
reminding us.

774. 4 June 2006 - 10:44am
From the mountain top
the city is a view
as beautiful as any other.
It seems asleep
in its distances, quiet.
Here wind blows in the fynbos,
rattles dry leaves.

775. 5 June 2006 - 6:08am
Each heartbeat a grain of sand
in this hourglass.
See how it trickles away
in the gravity of life.
There are 800 million beats,
on average,
cradle to the grave.

776. 6 June 2006 - 6:23am
The lighthouse sleeps in the sun,
an exclamation.
At dusk he awakes,
opens a mad eye,
watches the sun set,
begins to search the waves.
Navigators on watch, nod.

777. 7 June 2006 - 6:56am
Last night I slept with angels,
their wings folded in prayer.
The violence of my thoughts
fell like old apples.
We drove swine into the orchard
for the bacon.

778. 7 June 2006 - 6:23pm
The old groundsman sits
under the fig tree now bare
of its leaves, stark as bones.
He picks up the pale of lime & brush,
ambles to the centre circle.

779. 8 June 2006 - 6:18am
Remembers other pitches,
his days of glory as player, hero.
How small boys would bring a ball
for him to autograph, please sir.
The goal he scored in the final.

780. 9 June 2006 - 6:33am
We hold hands around the supper table
for father to thank God.
He speaks well-worn words,
comfortable as old shoes
needing a cobbler.
Did anybody listen? God?

781. 10 June 2006 - 5:47am
All this week the sea has been reflective
as I pass along the coast road home.
Its breathing mild,
the airs gentle, exhaling balminess.
I stop, wanting truths.

782. 11 June 2006 - 7:33am
The suburb snores in its ugliness.
The open vein of the highway
already haemorrhages.
Gunshots punctuate remains
of tranquility.
I write here with peace,
& faith.

783. 11 June 2006 - 7:43am
If I touch your heart
with the meaning of dusk
in a yellow wood,
will you lift your chin?
I hear a stream's song
in the valley's lips.
The joy of this

784. 12 June 2006 - 6:54am
Soft rain, almost warm,
sings an old chant.
I hear its melody of ages,
mellow as the hearth.
Warm breath on the window pane,
unlit dawn traffics,
mists of time.

785. 12 June 2006 - 7:44pm
As I age my knowledge
of the world decreases
with my experience.
This is sobering.
Eventually, I will know nothing
& be all the wiser.
I sip red wine

786. 13 June 2006 - 6:25am
Hands are metaphors of knowledge.
How they learn, with their curiosity
& burnt fingers. That precise touch
to set my heart racing.
A lady once refused her hand.

787. 14 June 2006 - 6:14am
Distant relatives are another species
suddenly brought close
by geography & history.
Yesterday Sarah tells
she's a Cornish Hodge.
Us from Perranzabuloe parish.

788. 14 June 2006 - 8:42am
This refrain, this song,
this requiem of sacred trusts,
these echoing cloisters,
remnants of faith,
worn as brassed tombs,
of marble knights,
& battle honours.

789. 15 June 2006 - 6:14am
What is magic?
Is it the first taste
of chocolate on my tongue?
Is it holding hands?
On the promenade?
In bed? Is it making love
on the naked mountainside?

790. 15 June 2006 - 6:24am
No. It is to take the body
of life, all of it, its mundane
ordinary plain soup -
add to that,
good tastes, smells, charms, magic.
Then stir, but not too much.

791. 16 June 2006 - 7:25am
The rains come, Noah,
& the olive twig.
My faith drowned in tears
of hypocrisy, turn a cheek.
Turn to God,
show one finger, a fist.
We never speak,

792. 17 June 2006 - 8:02am
Morning Prayer
Dear God, I need answers
before I move in.
This experiment with charged
particles, I call life,
for instance: does it have a point?
Was it a bet?

793. 17 June 2006 - 6:27pm
Dear God, are you happy
today? What with evil
on top for now? It was
a lovely day here, the sun
shining & a lot of clapping
you like so much.

794. 18 June 2006 - 7:06am
The bell rings, God,
but nobody responds.
Only the muezzin's clear voice,
above the sleeping roofs,
answers: the church abandoned
as a cave. Reflections.

795. 19 June 2006 - 7:06am
Winter satin night,
cold as iron beneath
broken stars fractured as glass
still as the aftermath
of death. The dog bloody,
is a rag, light gone,
at the margin.

796. 20 June 2006 - 6:37am
An axe rings in the forest.
Somewhere a presence,
going about its round,
breathes the cold air.
Frost crackles beneath
my feet like hot coals.
I whistle thinly.

797. 20 June 2006 - 8:16am
The photograph holds my gaze
across our ages. I see you smile,
remember your smooth skin,
hardly wrinkled even at the end
in the coffin,
cold as a sweet melon.

798. 21 June 2006 - 6:16am
The year turns today,
returns to summer heat.
Tonight is long loved
by saint & sinner
where candles light the stars:
embrace, kiss the night
with soft lips.

799. 22 June 2006 - 6:26am
Forest of dreams
dark as night
cold as iron
quiet as trees watching.
I listen to a footstep
somewhere near
the edge of dream.
Know it sees me,
the heat of me.

800. 23 June 2006 - 6:22am
The dead dog lies gutted
beside the highway still.
It is no resting place,
but he rests there.
Pied crows visit for morsels.
I pass quickly
to other thoughts.

801. 23 June 2006 - 6:28am
In the hearth of the old cave
a miracle of warmth
fills my heart & the cold air.
Here in the naked truth
& revealing light of a tiny flame,
all of history lies.

802. 24 June 2006 - 8:55am
A gull calls me from sleep
& the harbour below the house.
A whale's tooth framed
in the overlooking window.
Beyond the mole, stern lights
proceed to a dark sea.

803. 25 June 2006 - 9:57am
I have visions, dreams
that rage across the landscape
of my mind. If I were Escher
these pictures would show my madness:
such divinity as a minor god

804. 25 June 2006 - 10:12am
The wind drags these mountains
to the beach & blows each grain
across the tonsils of its throat.
In the harbour, boats jostle jetties
in the teeth of the gale.

805. 26 June 2006 - 6:03am
This dream that wakes me
to the darkest night
tells histories of another mind
lost in the sinews of a lost soul
who was found wanting touch
but had no hands.

806. 26 June 2006 - 6:12
The sea has gone
as the tide ebbs
with the smell of it,
the foreshore remains
a landscape discarded
in the traffic of emptiness.
There is no quiet,
nor gulls.

807. 26 June 2006 - 8:03pm
Here, on the stoep,
wind licks promises of rain.
A woman hurries passed.
Under the eaves two pigeons
are tucked up for the night.
Who's that singing
like smoke?

808. 27 June 2006 - 6:54am
There is a spiral staircase
in this mansion by the sea
to the topmost tower.
It looks out over the bay
where southern rights come
to birth. Here, we breathe in.

809. 28 June 2006 - 7:21am
I know a cave of dreams
distant as a far mountain,
close as my imagination.
There time stopped,
it broke the clocks.
I sense a presence there,
but it is empty.

810. 29 June 2006 - 6:12am
In that far place with three moons
& a purple sun I hear a peacock
call from the woods:
a cry of such sorrow
I forget my dream, awake
to a grieving grey town.

811. 30 June 2006 - 6:10am
Was it a dream, you waving
from the window as the train
slides from the terminus?
I watch as you clatter & sway
over the points,
suddenly swallowed
by the city.

812. 30 June 2006 - 8:12am
How do I find you
blue as the ocean sky?
You are gone somewhere
in a vast astonishment.
The albatross patrols
the surface,
lonely as a poet
with his manuscript.

813. 1 July 2006 - 7:31am
The universe was on fire
last night. I watch our star set
in the furnace of its making.
Surf growls up the beach,
everlasting gulls balance
on a cold melody.

814. 1 July 2006 - 7:39am
I watch my mother shuffle
her memories like an old deck.
She knows all she has forgotten
but always pulls the knave.
Now the house has fallen down
in her tears.

815. 1 July 2006 - 0:33pm
The last bus leaves town.
She holds his hand to her chest,
snuggles his shoulder.
He feels her softness
under his thumb.
The road North is empty
of city lights.

816. 1 July 2006 - 0:38pm
Beyond the last star
on the coldest night,
a boy looks over the edge
of the universe. What is that?
He asks God, pointing at a painting.
That is my dream, son.

817. 2 July 2006 - 8:21am
Each pebble on the long beach
worn smooth & round as time,
is a world painted by a mad artist's
unwavering faith as she casts out
the energy of demons, of gods.

818. 2 July 2006 - 8:29am
God is painting again today.
I saw the first strokes
before the sun rose
in the inky night, jewelled.
Now, a wind breathes
across the canvas flats,

819. 2 July 2006 - 0:32pm
There is distance in my eyes
of history & this long march.
I see migrating birds
choose the same cardinal,
roost along the way.
Each day nears the beginning.

820. 2 July 2006 - 3:53pm
A noon gun sounds for the meridian
passing under time's hands.
A sailor looks to his chronometer,
knows where he is, thanks God
for fair weather & a keen eye.

821. 3 July 2006 - 6:32am
Here again is the day's palette,
the view beyond the canvas
unseen in the rain, imagined
images or fabled gods
leak in ochre & gold from dawn.
Livid light song.

822. 3 July 2006 - 6:38am
This text a line of tapestry
plain in itself,
knows nothing of histories,
cares for no bigger picture,
exists because it is,
has nothing to say
in the silence.

823. 5 July 2006 - 6:15am
The mountain is cold
in mist, invisible,
not there. Climb through
the trees of Tokai
to the eye of Constantia.
Find peace there, strife
so small in the scheme.

824. 6 July 2006 - 6:41am
Three hadedas fly over the suburb
looking for the complaints desk,
land on the school fields,
pull worms irritably from the sods.
Rain comes under a low sky.

825. 7 July 2006 - 6:26am
What is a friend?
Somebody you love,
but not enough?
Somebody you love
when the fervour cools?
Somebody to talk to,
up or down?
To eat with,
to sleep with,

826. 8 July 2006 - 11:51am
It is still morning
& the sun weak as green tea.
Yet inspiring as the winter is,
the blush of spring already buds
in the right places,
& the poet writes here.

827. 9 July 2006 - 6:06am
Dawn under mountains
of night, all my distances.
Still travelling with dreams,
the long road wakening.
I would touch you
were we closer,
feel the horizons come.

828. 9 July 2006 - 9:32am
Fear tugs at peace in the forest
where the wind whispers
& who knows what watches.
The trees companionable,
air heady with pine.
See how I long
for your step.

829. 9 July 2006 - 10:33am
The view from the Eye
sees all & nothing.
Dark secrets are unmarked
graves. Each tree of the forest
below as forlorn as a crucifix
on the fields of Flanders.

830. 10 July 2006 - 6:23am
This seasonal mood
cuts a line in the frost.
A chill everywhere
though the days lengthen.
My dreams are dark dungeons,
instruments hang from walls,
awaiting me.

831. 10 July 2006 - 11:54pm
But the world turns
& swings our southern face
to the sun. Already
early spring flowers
watch from the slopes
below the Elephant's Eye.
His tears like streams.

832. 11 July 2006 - 6:16am
Intransigence is the property
of mountains, to be worn down
by ages & seasons.
They do not bend, but buckle.
Their hearts beat like thunder,
sing in the wind.

833. 12 July 2006 - 7:31am
The full moon last night
weighed down by the mountains
of the east. Winter blowing in
from the north like a headcold.
The rain calls ambulances
to the roads.

834. 13 July 2006 - 6:35am
The gate from this long field's
furrow is open. I did not know it.
All my life has been a search
for an opening (how many tried?)
& there it is open,  unlocked.

835. 14 July 2006 - 5:56am
Each meridian of my life
tells me where I am.
Not lost, though often at sea
in dreams of rough weather
running under a storm jib,
feel the tiller hum its song.

836. 15 July 2006 - 7:31am
Each grain falls into history
in the hourglass of life.
Each grain on a perfect beach
as a star in the galaxy.
Each galaxy a light in universes
of imaginations.

837. 16 July 2006 - 5:55am
It is dark, dawn in the wings.
Outside my window the rain
has stopped. A small bird whose song
I don't know, sings in the dark,
it seems for me alone, awakened.

838. 17 July 2006 - 6:37am
I have seen the millennium come
& go. Its fireworks & the wine.
Such trivia do not wake the gods.
Yet, there is a turning.
No, not the weather:
but in the air.

839. 18 July 2006 - 6:32am
I turn the page
to the next chapter,
pick up the thread
of this history.
Nothing has changed:
a small bird chirps
outside my window,
the Imam calls to prayer.

840. 19 July 2006 - 8:58am
Who weeps as the sun sets?
Those who did not see?
Yet nothing is lost,
night presages dawn,
dawn dusk. So it goes
ever beautiful, like a song
without ending.

841. 20 July 2006 - 7:39am
The countryside of the poem
is a metaphor for the poet.
In each syllable I hear rhythms
of life, smell streets
of desire, her fragrance
promising me secrets.

842. 21 July 2006 - 6:08am
At the end of the jetty
is the red port light
for navigators of boats & ships
day & night. It is there now,
a permanent mark,
a light among lights,
for seamen.

843. 22 July 2006 - 8:09am
And so the parting day
eases over the rim of night.
And so night's velvet skin
shows each jewel, each star
to my vast astonishment.
In the distance a dog barks.

844. 23 July 2006 - 10:11am
At the end there is silence.
And the waiting begins.
In the distance a movement,
as if reflection,
then disappears,
even its memories.
Now an eye watches me.

845. 24 July 2006 - 6:27am
No shadows, nothing left standing,
the landscape bereft,
dry as a desert fortress.
Even the tears are dry
as stone, as pebbles
in an old course,
this discontent.

846. 24 July 2006 - 6:32am
The Imam calls me,
I hear his prayer
above the rooftops,
in the clouds of this weather.
He calls, he calls, he calls.
I could weep for him
this overcast Monday.

847. 24 July 2006 - 8:11am
Every sailor knows a reef knot
may not slip in the weather,
but take the strain
as the mainsail
sings in the reach,
each sheet stiff & cold
as steel nerves.

848. 25 July 2006 - 8:17am
Grey gulls muster along the jetty,
watch the colours hoisted,
pipes whistle on the quarterdeck.
Orders barked stiffly,
salute the waking day,
dogs & men of war.

849. 26 July 2006 - 7:08am
The words are there,
like a hollow scream
that nobody ever hears.
Now I hear it, see it come,
a tsunami overwhelming our house,
shattering the day
into tears.

850. 27 July 2006 - 7:47am
Mandla's voice is a continent
of great plains & eagles.
His song silences cities.
It is a lion in the kraal.
Now he speaks his name,
thunder & lightning,

851. 28 July 2006 - 7:41am
Morning comes to the sun,
the day opens, sings
of worlds in worlds.
In her eye a light,
sees an edge of time-
she turns her ear
to listen to a man
sing to gods.

852. 29 July 2006 - 8:54am
Rider & mare at dawn
in singular purpose & movement
through the forest of dreams
by the brook of poet & painters,
tangible. On that edge,
I hear you come to me.

853. 30 July 2006 - 9:01am
This line stumbles into life
after a disturbed night.
There is no rest by the highway,
shot through in trajectories
of revolution. Such speed
as drugs all hope.

854. 31 July 2006 - 6:37am
There's a warning notice at the beach
of the Great White, endangered now.
She grows to 23 feet & 7600 pounds
with teeth to match, but we are not prey,
it says.

855. 1 August 2006 - 7:04am
Winter morning weather drips
from the eaves.
Under the covers we embrace
feel the warmth infuse
as we sip hot tea.
The long day waits in darkness
while we kiss.

856. 2 August 2006 - 6:45am
She has a lump in her throat,
it's ten years now.
She has a lump in her chest
when she thinks about it.
She has a lump in her breast
ten years this Wednesday.

857. 3 August 2006 - 7:04AM
The grate holds last night
to its warmth this cold morning.
There is a reluctant stir
in the sleepy suburb.
Now sharp words cut the iron air,
stab adjectives.

858. 4 August 2006 - 6:58am
Top Billing is a takeaway pizza
in a Tokai kitchen
the size of our home.
Ideally, I shouldn't covert,
shouldn't lust after
wealth & beautiful people,
but I did.

859. 5 August 2006 - 6:52am
The intimacy of hands,
how we touch, explore
as if blind, the unseen.
The small of your back,
ear lobes, the nape
of your neck held trusting,
hair falling away.

860. 6 August 2006 - 8:25am
Within me an old wildness
sleeps fitfully, ever alert
in this down duvet,
the city ecology grazing
and growling outside the cage.
I smile at the absurd animals.

861. 7 August 2006 - 6:55am
The forest creaks in mist,
our breaths puff in the cold
as we walk up the shoulder.
We chat of cabbages & kings,
feel the world melt below.
Find God in the air.

862. 8 August 2006 - 6:19am
What do I know of empires
of the mind? Citadels
& outposts of a will
that would subjugate each sod,
each flower, each category
of knowing. Leave nothing
to God.

863. 9 August 2006 - 9:24am
These old cloisters ring with song
of men busking God.
Starlings fly in under the eaves
like pickpockets, chatter
The knight's tomb silent.

864. 10 August 2006 - 6:47am
Although now a memorable scar,
the old wound stabs his chest
still. As though the trajectory
tears through flesh & bone again,
reliving that vivid catastrophe.

865. 11 August 2006 - 6:13am
Winter weather beats its rhythms
against the pane reminding me
of an awesome beauty, like galaxies
or the setting sun, that hold out
the meaning of my despair.

866. 12 August 2006 - 7:04am
Thick soupy sea, tiring now,
washes across the reef after the storm.
Gulls lean on airs and scream
over the strewn beach, plunge to morsels
in the gale's vomit.

867. 13 August 2006 - 7:11am
Every silver lining
has a dark cloud.
Talking of gilt & money,
I find it pressing sometimes
to know we are blessed,
when a complaint or two
is so satisfying.

868. 13 August 2006 - 7:18
Also, the forgettable.
The news is,
the traffic is.
In fact, as the clock goes,
more & more qualify.
Time is forgettable,
dates are,
names are,
& soon enough, I.

869. 14 August 2006 - 6:16am
The old harbour rests
as if a painting among the galleries
and bric-a-brac of the front.
Before, the sea purple as a toga,
behind, the mountain blooms lilies.

870. 15 August 2006 - 6:17am
The poet takes each syllable's weight,
tastes it, turns it
in the light, admires each facet
of her art, then tosses it away
as rubbish,
mutters a silent prayer.

871. 16 August 2006 - 6:40am
The program is relentless,
demands insane focus
to create a logic
that is sane.
I weary now of this
slavery to cyber language.
Long to hear melody sing to you.

872. 17 August 2006 - 6:31am
In the city of words every suburb
paragraphs its subtext
in the search for meaning.
Elegant avenues sentence directly,
but the old lanes meander
like metaphors.

873. 18 August 2006 - 6:27am
In the villages, God is the Word.
Other words are minor gods
or devils sometimes
the way they sneak up on you
with twisted intent
as if they are free
at last.

874. 19 August 2006 - 8:19am
Each word a jewel
unfashioned in its treasure,
sparkles there
to catch the poet's eye.
She chooses one,
rolls it across her tongue
to taste its cut & tang.

875. 19 August 2006 - 9:25am
Along the coast a profusion
of lilies bank the roadside
as white as the circling gulls,
as motionless in the breeze.
Below, the winter sea
& restless cavalry.

876. 20 August 2006 - 8:24am
The word is lost,
cannot find its meaning
anywhere. Lost among adjectives?
No, but some are.
Among adverbs & verbs?
No, but saw a noun lurk.
Metaphors? Oh God!

877. 20 August 2006 - 9:03am
The dream holds me close
as death, to its odour,
to the sockets of its vision,
the Arc de Triomphe of its gullet,
the avenues of its goosestepping
rage & howl.

878. 20 August 2006 - 9:11am
The Imam calls me
faithfully from his tower.
I hear matins echo
the centuries of neglect
in these cloistered prayers.
But God has gone,
trying a distant star.

879. 21 August 2006 - 6:13am
Nasturtiums leafed
in perfect suns,
sparkle in the early light
as if the galaxies had come
to rest among the blooms
of each fiery flower.
Or so it seems to me.

880. 22 August 2006 - 7:05am
Spring turns in the light,
lifts me, shows my better face
to the world. It is always so
in this clamour of wakening. Outside,
unseasonal traffic snarls always.

881. 22 August 2006 - 9:59am
Our silence tears the air,
a distant storm,
rain in the valleys.
I lift mine to the hills,
& could weep.
What patient stream falls
over the cobbles of my heart?

882. 23 August 2006 - 6:00am
The poem waits, waits
to be found. Waits
with travellers at platform 11.
Hidden in newspaper
headlines & billboards,
she waits. Clears her voice,
busks, laughs.

883. 24 August 2006 - 6:12am
The seas connect us,
you & I, to the last syllable
of our chemistry. We are
molecules to its salt
& savour, can taste old souls
among the kelp & shells
& tears.

884. 25 August 2006 - 6:12am
Promise is an act of faith,
difficult to believe, more so
to achieve. It is not foretold.
It is not the spring after winter.
It is the mark of resolve,
of love.

885. 26 August 2006 - 5:58am
The manuscript lies in the heart's vault.
There is no key. To open
I must pray. This is my prayer:
that you will hear these whispers
as they rise to song

886. 26 August 2006 - 6:07am
I write this book of life
which identifies me. Yes, these words
scribbled now are the text
of me reduced to a plain:
neither height nor depth
nor time revealed.

887. 27 August 2006 - 7:40am
No sound echoes here
in the valley of faith hill.
A tree is felled, no longer
sees the sky. Buried in litter,
returns to mould, to ash
but alive not yet dead.

888. 28 August 2006 - 6:18am
This morning the page is featureless,
as the landscape of my mind.
Whatever promise the weekend held,
it was lost in discontent & pain.
Yet, I saw three whales.

889. 29 August 2006 - 6:19am
The bolt withdraws, the gate opens.
Nothing appears in the half light.
I hear a cry deep in its sobbing
of a woman who has lost everything.
Silence. Rain falls.

890. 30 August 2006 - 6:13am
A candle gutters in the chapel
this dark morning, among spirits.
I hear the priest murmur.
A whisper to a god I cannot know?
He opens the great book,

891. 31 August 2006 - 6:26am
This orison flutters on airs
of winter turning his face
north. There, the last dregs
are drunk & a season withers.
I feel that old grip, weariness
& firesides.

892. 1 September 2006 - 5:58am
Dreams & distances, the door ajar
to madness, to sadness.
Do I stand so, at the threshold,
praying for a hearth within?
Is that Circe's breath
frosting the air?

893. 2 September 2006 - 7:18am
San Francisco bay lies beneath
the panorama of my dream.
A foreign place de ja vu
in celluloid, chasing cars & trams.
But I turn the lens here.
It sees nothing.

894. 3 September 2006 07:11am
Always, for example, in a cave,
know the way out.
Remember the light & birds.
And distances: perspectives lost
in the dark may haunt you,
old spirits in the air.

895. 4 September 2006 - 6:36am
For example, a silence,
a lull in the city,
quiet enough to hear
the dawn chorus & the sole Imam call.
And a dog bark twice.
Or the spider finger
netted jewels.

896. 5 September 2006 - 6:18am
Likewise, take victuals
on the voyage. The sea
is vast & bottomless.
Even the fish have lost their way,
let the stream take them,
the tide, back to rivers some.

897. 6 September 2006 - 6:08am
The naked morning at last,
unblanketed in the chorus
of its roostering, places
a bookmark between
the sheets as if a memory
of histories & times
to come again.

898. 7 September 2006 - 6:32am
In this emptiness
even time is lost,
but wait. I see a boat
in the offing, small yet seaworthy.
It will do well, carry us over
to tranquillity,
to another place.

899. 8 September 2006 - 6:13am
It is spring, moonful night
in the city. Angels fly
over Africa, in a mountain
valley a  stream welds
a seam of hard earth
to the planet. Weavers
watch & chat.

900. 9 September 2006 - 9:56am
No dream brings us here
on wings of the midnight bird.
The infant howls in his wakening
& sleep seeps down the aisles
of nightmares. Now London scrubs itself.

901. 9 September 2006 - 4:30pm
Steeples of France accuse,
fling guilt from the heart
of the country, ask God
to explain from what coign
of vantage the expletive
that is this bloody curse.

902. 10 September 2006 - 11:53am
Here at Montmartre, Sacre Coeur
watches a gargoyled city.
Beneath gutters, the streets incline
to langoustine & Chateau Neuf du Pape.
Cobbles beneath my feet.

903. 10 September 2006 - 5:43pm
Pompidou's skeleton looks down
on jesters & jokers seeking coin.
The terraces are agape
with afternoon aperitifs.
Under the umbral sky
a Mongol four overtones.

904. 11 September 2006 - 9:50am
Old moon rises over Paris.
Sip Alsace Gewürztraminer
with artichoke hearts
in a rooftop garden near Folies.
We chat with Ann who was banished
as a Black Sash.

905. 11 September 2006 - 5:03pm
Our Lady despairs at the place
of execution, under the spires,
breathes, looks heavenwards,
at the arching noon of her faith,
believes she is the Mother of God.

906. 12 September 2006 - 8:28am
My way takes me from Notre Dame
along the Seine where couples
stroll, to Pont Neuf. I cross,
walk north, pass dozens of eating houses
in the balmy night, happy.

907. 12 September 2006 - 1:22pm
La Palette on the West Bank,
once the place of artists,
no longer. The art remains
galleried, invested in
its perfection. The pretence
gone, uncovered & fucked.

908. 12 September 2006 - 2:48pm
The beauty of this place
on a hot Paris autumn day,
is the short distance between
one Leffe Blonde & the next.
So here I am at Pont au Change,
a little tipsy.

909. 12 September 2006 - 3:18pm
Likewise, high-heels strut the sidewalk,
swinging them swanky buts
to remind old men of days
of yore & what lies between
the apex of their imaginings,
so now.

910. 12 September 2006 - 3:42pm
Vesuvius walked past
lost in the Pompeii of thoughts.
I would have invited her
for a drink (or at least a cocktail)
but know she would misunderstand largesse.

911. 13 September 2006 - 8:45am
The gravity of England
pulls me to her orbit.
The cold grey sea & rain
somehow familiar through memory
of countryside & narrow-
minded town far from France.

912. 14 September 2006 - 7:51am
I am consumed in Paris
by delicacy & elegance
of cafe society. Conversation
over horizons of wine
& the perfect omelette
on terraces of imagination & laughter.

913. 15 September 2006 - 7:31am
England's stodge recapitulates
on my tongue like an old curse.
The dark waters & stout beer,
omnipresent as the blanketed sky,
measure history in tombstones.

914. 16 September 2006 - 8:37am
Shimmering silence & void.
People telephone for help.
I crawl from the ruins
of the car in hyper space.
Stand, look round in amazement
at the motionless world.

915. 17 September 2006 - 8:23am
The bells are quiet now
& the church still in the field
with the flock grazing
in the churchyard.
The marquee is deserted,
the guests gone,
this moisty morning.

916. 18 September 2006 - 8:08am
The tunnel of my thought
rehearses this lament,
drone upon drone,
a melody of remorse
that plays itself despite
the instruction of my eyes,
to remind the vivid.

917. 19 September 2006 - 6:47am
The geography of time
describes an alien place.
Through the caverns & tunnels
of memory, giant & dwarf
re-enact a hyperbole of life,
mock, expose truth & lie.

918. 20 September 2006 - 7:15am
Ely looks through stone eyes
at the masonry of reformation.
Beneath the vault & dome of faith,
petty pews for narrow men.
What new prayers offer
Gods' contempt?

919. 21 September 2006 - 6:50am
Autumn woods still green
& pleasant, savour blackberries.
The footpath leads me back
to my young children & muddy feet,
nettles & doc leaves,
our Jack Russell.

920. 21 September 2006 - 6:58am
Flatford Mill reflects Constable
& the race. Car & coach,
genteel tea, if you please,
murmured conversation meanders
quiet as the stream,
surfacing thoughts.

921. 22 September 2006 - 9:41am
Avebury Round is as a cathedral
to a Stonehenge parish church.
Within the round spirits roam
the Red Lion & its well
as deep as England & as narrow.
So to Bath.

922. 23 September 2006 - 7:34am
Coin & curse litter the Roman Bath,
the water rushes on heedless
of time along the same old drain
laid so artfully before the age
darkened with Angle & Saxon.

923. 24 September 2006 - 7:29am
Eden is not paradise,
even in Cornwall where pirates'
black flags rise on every mast
in Mevagissey's snug haven.
Do I hear illicit brandy rumble
over cobbles?

924. 25 September 2006 - 9:33am
Tombs of ancestors
in sodden churchyards
defer to time.
In the offing, St Michael's Mount
swings like a battleship
with a tide that forever
exorcises Penzance.

925. 26 September 2006 - 6:23am
England is entombed
in history, looks back in pride.
The world reviews in anger
or sorrow at lessons never learned:
ever more the whine
& bark of the mongrel.

926. 26 September 2006 - 7:13am
Merry Maidens rooted
10,000 years in Neolithic soil
on a road to Mousehole
where the everlasting sea
rises & falls on a jaw
of reef, there the grey gulls roost.

927. 27 September 2006 - 7:41am
Tintagel crumbles on the cliffs
of its age, precipitates to the reef below.
There Merlin's Cave echoes, the spirits gone.
A grey seal fishes the languid cove.

928. 28 September 2006 - 8:05am
The alimentary canals of England
ever more constipated as we near the exit,
ever more seeking relief.
Now the low sky rains,
glazed light & a red robin sings.

929. 29 September 2006 - 8:33am
The view here lifts no heart.
The scaffolding of its deconstruction
a stark relief against the grey light.
London notices nothing,
speaks only in imperatives.

930. 30 September 2006 - 6:51am
Vertigo of memories plumb England.
The island wallows in a sodden sea,
waterlogged as a hulk from ancient wars,
unsinkable & demasted.
The rats bleary & cold.

931. 30 September 2006 - 7:28am
Daughters of England,
smile for the camera please.
Watched with loins of lust,
they trip on stilettos.
So the long lens bares
calf & curve & consequence.

932. 1 October 2006 - 1:18pm
London recedes across the galaxy
at warp factor 9. Even Mr Spock
has a smile from ear to there.
Natives in this far colony
bare their teeth in smiles,
I think.

933. 2 October 2006 - 6:14am
The tributary finds the main flood,
it the sea. We sit by the naked pool
& iron reef breathing ancient airs,
hearing melody & rhythm
nobody ever forgets.

934. 3 October 2006 - 6:29am
Giants stagger through my dream
strike blindly left & right.
I arm myself, take aim,
defend myself. They come still,
inarticulate, with purpose, menace, hate.

935. 4 October 2006 - 6:29am
It is quiet now, the world empty
as the executioner's eye.
I turn this way, that: nothing,
all I know has gone.
In the distance a flag,
signifying something?

936. 5 October 2006 - 6:45am
What dreams fill the void.
Each a filigree of memory
designed in extremis.
So I look to you, my friend,
find reality & sense
when the night is long,
& no moon.

937. 6 October 2006 - 6:22am
The night & restless spirits wane now.
A slow dawn opens many faces.
My tongue is lost in noise.
I hear nothing but engines.
No birds sing & the doors are shut.

938. 7 October 2006 - 8:53am
What song is this
that ends my dream?
Is it the weathervane
turning with the wind
and, now a baboon's bark
in the dark kloof?
Or my heart's beat
in the silence?

939. 8 October 2006 - 0:20pm
Agony of wind flung savagely
across the abrasive mountain
all night. Driven by unseen temper
& rage, seeking every crack
to find us, to rip us
from our peace.

940. 9 October 2006 - 6:15am
The rain dances on leaves
with soft shoes, barely touches,
cascades like the queen's ransom
over the smiling hands
of the robber baron:
not yet knowing the axe.

941. 10 October 2006 - 6:17am
Nobody looks but looks,
or looks the other way,
as the famous poet recites.
His words reveal himself,
capture his imprisonment,
show his red y-front underpants.

942. 11 October 2006 - 6:34am
I would write you a line
of beauty, each word
selected from the treasury,
weighed carefully, examined
under glass (each facet),
but I cannot find my golden key.

943. 11 October 2006 - 6:05pm
Is God an atheist
who believes in none other
than Himself? I ponder,
think of Stonehenge
& Ely Cathedral gaunt as
a fen tombstone
pissed on by Cromwell's dog.

944. 12 October 2006 - 6:26am
I love a clown: the child
in me sees the truth
in every hyperbole, in every
false note & naughtiness.
Howls with laughter as fingers poke
unmentionable places.

945. 13 October 2006 - 6:03am
The mullah calls me
from dreams of gods
to prayer & the waking.
I hear his vibrato stir
the air with vespers
from the southern ocean
& the deepest blue waters.

946. 14 October 2006 - 6:46am
We see, hear Southern Rights
splash & puff in the bay
as the sun sets behind
the tooth of the Sentinel.
Munch our fish & chips
like any other primate
this dusk.

947. 14 October 2006 - 7:27pm
Afternoon tide washes the bones
of an old wreck stubbornly clinging
to the ancient reef that foundered her.
In the offing a great ship sails
silent as a winkle.

948. 15 October 2006 - 9:15am
The city bowl glints in the morning light
like salt crystal at the edge of a pool.
Superficial insects skate among the ripples.

949. 16 October 2006 - 6:09am
My father's voice is trapped
in mine. Gesture too,
characteristic stoop,
dark eyes, small jaw.
Born today 90 years, dead,
lives on in tissue
& living memory.

950. 16 October 2006 - 6:22pm
The South-Easter flings its cape
across the peninsula, howls
with laughter at skirt
& feather, blows gulls scudding
like papers on the wind,
hoots & whistles.

951. 17 October 2006 - 6:24am
An urchin wind laughs down the street
teasing cats, kicks a can, chases paper
along gutters, howls at the moon.
I watch from the clouds of my dream
like a god.

952. 18 October 2006 - 6:16am
The garden is overgrown.
Nasturtiums & poppies crowd
like supporters at football,
bow their heads as I water
the pitch thinking of punchlines
and naked poetry.

953. 19 October 2006 - 6:03am
How you bloom & blush
in your softest mysteries.
This morning, its glories, its chorus
sung at our window giving light
to our unity of rhythm,
to our divinity.

954. 19 October 2006 - 6:11am
The gods sigh, the storm passes
up the coast dragging
angry clouds like wet blankets.
We promenade Sea Point,
watch kayaks balance on an edge
of the sunset sea.

955. 20 October 2006 - 6:03am
Minarets of dawn call
the city to the light.
A solitary bell marks
the watch & birds sing.
I would be at peace
were my dreams not at war,
ever rehearsing death.

956. 20 October 2006 - 6:07am
In the night your body rose
like a ghost from the sheets.
I watched a womanly form,
her curve & roundness,
& knew a secret joy of possession.
To be & contained.

957. 21 October 2006 - 6:14am
Mother's memory slips
from her grasp. In desperate
recounting, every marginal coherence
exhumed, tacked hopelessly
to the fabric of her history,
worn as truths.

958. 21 October 2006 - 6:23am
In the eye of this storm
I see you below. So distant,
yet I am sure it is you.
You are happy, content, cannot
know these winds that tear
clothes from nakedness.

959. 22 October 2006 - 6:56am
The dream gate closes
on another place, such worlds
as none dare remember despite
the agony of joy or ecstasy of fear.
Last I recall is the noise & silence.

960. 22 October 2006 - 10:07am
I hear the rumble of great engines beneath
as the city heads south heedless
as any leviathan. As if the mist
& swallowed waters wait
this trivial mountainside.

961. 23 October 2006 - 6:32am
The naked day rises gaily
as the first summer wine.
I hear tarantal in the street
& the sleeping dog dreams.
Our neighbour clears his throat,
but not of song.

962. 24 October 2006 - 6:47am
and these rhythms of life,
always turning returning.
Are those not the gulls
that called me to the harbour
of boyhood, where the tide
swelled under the pier?

963. 25 October 2006 - 6:33am
Yesterday I learned the oyster
catcher is a rapist specialising
in, apparently, cunning
tongues. The valve, clearly,
having little nutritional value,
but taste.

964. 25 October 2006 - 6:17pm
or, on reflection, the tear
that breaks the surface
tension with halos
that turns the saint
back from a late prayer
towards the first star
mirrored in the pool.

I see the calf- eyed little girl,
her face full of tentative curiosity.
So unlike the forceful exposure
of her bullish daughter.
(from Kechil Kirkham
25 October 2006 - 6:10pm)

965. 26 October 2006 - 6:23am
The city wakes this summer morning
still ravished by the night.
What prayer is offered
in this light? Kyrie Eleison:
beneath my naked feet
the old world turns.

966. 27 October 2006 - 6:06am
The chapter house is closed.
Starlings chatter in the cloisters.
The monks contain silences.
A bell calls the morning watch.
This scene of a mind's countryside.

967. 28 October 2006 - 7:51am
Contours of these hands grip
the intimacy of experience
so telling it changes the landscape
of my dreams. What secrets so revealed,
unspoken, in the story line?

968. 28 October 2006 - 8:29am
This kernel of being contains
every strand of life's history.
So I am in my mother,
Nicky, and she is in me.
We are all babushkas.
All ancient as the stars,
& bright as Francesca.

Or something, Paula!

Need yr help pse.
A poem for a stork party,
Nicky expecting my son's baby,
named Francesca.
Party in two hours.
Pse. Paula

(from Paula Zolezzi
28 October 2006 - 8:00am)

969. 28 October 2006 - 9:47am
This mystery deepens as I plumb it.
Each world skyed by new galaxies,
each itself an enigma within the riddle.
So I paddle these shallows
among spry & urchins.

970. 29 October 2006 - 8:41am
There is no song in the air,
no wind, no chorus from the plain church.
Only engines. Our faith now
mechanical, measured in revolutions.
The slow orbits unseen.

971. 30 October 2006 - 6:08am
I turn again to you, washing in
like the spring tides full of the moon
and vigour. And you there
ankle deep in me, enjoying
the summer rain in your hair.

972. 30 October 2006 - 6:15am
At the end of the pier
where the tide measures
the drowning fish, I see
a mermaid touch her lips:
she blows a kiss at me
(or does parallax confuse my sight?).

973. 31 October 2006 - 6:19am
What heron priested shore
sees the margin of vision?
Visions the saint sees beyond
the face of knowing into depths
of faith even as also I
am known, this eve.

974. 1 November 2006 - 6:14am
I give up on names.
From now I number my friends
and acquaintances, first come
first served. When I greet you
as, say, G'day 14 - be happy
all the digits match.

975. 2 November 2006 - 6:38am
One talks of one as if one
is unmentionable by name,
certainly neither familiar as I
nor you. Almost as if one
would be better to use
the third person they say.

976. 3 November 2006 - 6:00am
These late spring rains
fall like breakfast champagne,
not thirst quenching,
but enough to freshen up the day.
Take a sip, watch green finches
splash & chatter.

977. 4 November 2006 - 6:07am
That place we go, you & I,
within us without, without which
the world is lost in a misery
of ego. I cannot contemplate
that depth without your face reflecting.

978. 4 November 2006 - 6:15am
We walk the promenade
at Mouille Point last evening,
watch the swell heave ships
three four metres up with ease.
Watch the surf.
Then the inconvenient truth.

979. 5 November 2006 - 7:18am
Orion rises stiffly under the eye
of the harvest moon as I watch
& wait in the car park listening
to a quiet night away from pain
& tears & blood & fear in ER.

980. 5 November 2006 - 7:32am
Did my heart miss a beat
under a moonfull night?
Electric air lifts my hair
like a secret wish to tease
the planets in their rounds.
Still I turn, as the tide.

981. 6 November 2006 - 7:12am
The journal of a small mind
marks the range of thought
& deed as surely as the droppings
of a small rodent does its wandering
through the darkness & the night.

982. 7 November 2006 - 00:21pm
Rumi says:
You are granite.
I sip sparkling water
over lips of glass, cold as winter
frost, look over the parapet
of the harbour that leans
into the long tide.

983. 7 November 2006 - 00:36pm
Whoever brought me here
will have to take me home - Rumi.
O God, is there longing in these waters?
See the old moon gravely subside
into an ancient sea. Sinks.

984. 7 November 2006 - 00:58pm
I've lost the way to my mouth - Rumi
Find myself mouthing air
like a fish kneading water
sucking air over my gills.
Above, the surface gleams
like desert stars.

985. 8 November 2006 - 6:07am
The idiot in me makes mockery
of all I do. Knows all my failures
in detail. Never fails to pick
at a scab, rub an old scar raw.
Yet I love his absence of guile.

986. 9 November 2006 - 6:25am
The painter needs to cover,
to hide to reveal. This truth
shown to me in the sublime,
no less the mundane as I watch her
make a palette of every superficiality.

987. 10 November 2006 - 6:57am
These voices, spirits or lost souls,
I hear scream in the narrow night:
who are they? Or is it best
I stay ignorant of hurried footsteps?
Keep curtains drawn?

988. 11 November 2006 - 6:53am
Each thought a balloon
held tightly as a child
until lost, springs away
heaven knows where.
The next balloon, wholly different,
soon lost in the gathering dusk.

989. 11 November 2006 - 7:01am
These old angry days flash
in my mother's eyes,
so grey & shaded in portent.
Her pain is within, beyond
the reach of potion. Would she
pray for the ears of God?

990. 12 November 2006 - 6:27am
She is tired now, her will stretched
to a thread, the tapestry unravelling
in ligaments of loneliness.
I cannot bear to touch her cheek
for comfort & old times.

991. 12 November 2006 - 9:18am
Far below,
under the lee of the mountain,
the island wallows in the bay,
a humpback in the silent sea.
Swifts dart along the cliff
like Darth Vader's x-wings.

992. 13 November 2006 - 5:58am
So it turns,
one life into the next.
Even the hills move,
& mountains agonise, buckle,
fold to the syllables of time.
And so she would sleep,
return to the end.

993. 13 November 2006 - 6:06am
We walk in the shadow of trees
as beautiful as fish of the reef,
lost in our muse. So the mountain
rises under the feet of yesterday,
reaches for stars & gods.

994. 14 November 2006 - 6:43am
I lost my thread this morning
in the darning of these old rhymes,
so worn, but still comfortable
for another mile. Each step returning
to the earth, uplifting.

995. 15 November 2006 - 6:47am
Impossible dreams linger
in darkness like myths
to whisper the truth
of madness or desire.
These orbits collide,
pockmark moonscapes,
fall from the night skies.

996. 16 November 2006 - 5:58am
Conversation with God
fingers jewels
of wit & wisdom.
If I could pray to this
omniscience & energy,
I would demand fair play,
an end to chaos & theory,

997. 16 November 2006 - 5:29pm
At first the weather changes
milder, but the storms come.
Birds keep lower, nearer
roosts & shade.
Some say these are signs,
messages from gods,
smoke of fires.

998. 17 November 2006 - 6:12am
and secrets kept in the masonry
of family & great books
undusted in libraries
of intransigence & myopia
resisting the years
keeping count of betrayal
& death

999. 19 November 2006 - 6:21am
The old ghost patrols
these paths where ivy
snags & tugs the sleeves
of memory. Distantly, some
form moves, a cough echoes,
a cold breeze rustles the leaves.

1000. 19 November 2006 - 6:34am
These metaphors dry on the line
like similes freshly washed.
This grammar of meaning
turns in the figures of speech,
speaks in the punctuation of song.

1001. 20 November 2006 - 6:14am
The distances between us,
however close.
The closeness of us,
however distant.
This paradox of the heart
& mind as we hold each other
in the seasons of poetry.

1002. 21 November 2006 - 6:26am
The beginnings are in sight,
the mountain pass vivid
in the afternoon light.
This is the road, I know,
though the signs are unfamiliar
& the weather so strange.

1003. 22 November 2006 - 6:12am
Somewhere a fire burns
at night, sucks the breath,
draws me into dream of ash,
of death, end of days.
But I see you here,
sleeping in the ocean
like a mermaid.

1004. 23 November 2006 - 6:14am
She mourns him though the years pass,
through the nights deep in conversation,
personal & intimate despite his silence.
She feels his warmth here, touching her.

1005. 24 November 2006 - 6:21am
Our neighbour awakes, barks
at his dog who whines
in the yard where he lies sleeping.
He listens to the walls
of his cage, dreams of hounds
& the chase & death.

1006. 25 November 2006 - 6:50am
So the chalice of secrets
pressed to my lips, just so.
I drink this knowledge,
feel it course my vein,
the potion heady. Nearby,
cognoscenti applaud in silence.

1007. 25 November 2006 - 7:00am
So silence as shadows lengthen.
Heat lingers in the stone
motionless. Out to sea there is movement,
a distant call, a joy at the rim,
a return to beginnings.

1008. 25 November 2006 - 7:06am
I hear your voice in my secret places,
the shore where I breathe you.
How I would touch your heart,
would turn the world in my palm,
would pluck stars, & smile.

1009. 26 November 2006 - 10:24am
The city is a great canvas
under Lion's Head boarded
by the mad artist's blue compulsion
where the narrow wakes of ship & sail
thread & trace depths of thought.

1010. 27 November 2006 - 6:29am
His coarse beard worn,
like a warrior into battle,
shows his salt & pepper age.
His eye has seen the stars
of bright nights & red dawns.
Each tear a prophecy.

1011. 28 November 2006 - 6:12am
The dimensions of you defy
any calculus. No differential
tends to your axes. No integral
resolves imaginary numbers.
But in the depth of your eye,
I reflect.

1012. 28 November 2006 - 6:27am
Of distances:
all are equally vast to scale.
Antares is a pinprick on an atom.
So, the heart's dimensions
attract heavenly bodies
into orbits of touch & taste.

1013. 29 November 2006 - 6:34am
So, the parting,
the press of her hand,
the crowd gathering, waving,
a flight of pigeons beats the air,
the last doors slam. We draw away
in aery thinness beat.

1014. 30 November 2006 - 6:18am
So, I found you in a strange world
I neither like nor enter much.
It turns the other way -
clocks only tock,
the sun sags into a bloody east,
vomits its joys.

1015. 1 December 2006 - 6:54am
So, we reflect our lives
in our dying, the reality
of the unknown, the fear
of peace and struggle
with our failing grip,
cling to any hand
as the tide flows.

1016. 2 December 2006 - 6:52am
The brush is poised in my eye,
the decision made,
the picture painted, realised,
complete in all its detail.
Yet I hesitate. Put down
the palette & the brush.

1017. 3 December 2006 - 9:02am
Silence is the music between each note,
the space of reflection
after thunder rolls among the foothills.
Where a solitary crow calls,
curves on a gust of joy.

1018. 4 December 2006 - 6:26am
Selected for the discriminated eye,
each work of art glances
from the wall like exotic birds
in a cage. I peer at them
but find the crowd more interesting.

1019. 5 December 2006 - 6:31am
So, the moon rises,
swells in song over the staged
mountains of the east
with her chorus of stars
& the liquid night.
In the bar, voices & laughter
like mice.

1020. 6 December 2006 - 6:51am
So, my beauty, is it in the eye,
the ear, the tongue,
the superficial skin?
These senses which make sense?
See how we glow
like twin stars
in our orbits.

1021. 6 December 2006 - 7:53pm
So, my love, the night sings
in melodies of fire & blood.
Beyond this rim of light
I hear a last conversation
tender as her inner thigh,
averted & lingering.

1022. 7 December 2006 - 6:05am
So, the painting
& the boiling lava landscape.
There, foregrounded in her revelation,
the bare-assed lady
caps the volcano of imagination
with a single thought.

1023. 8 December 2006 - 6:49am
So, the naked man dark as night
walks under the ancient sun
behind his brother of Damascus.
They talk of old times
before the earth turned
& the children died.

1024. 8 December 2006 - 10:00am
(from Kechil Kirkham)
Once more they spin and weave,
Naked except for skin,
Grateful for scraps of cotton,
Unaware that a field of shimmering silk
is theirs.
8 December 2006 - 10:07am
Or the wings strapped
to my back with crude
handles for easy storage
(those practical thoughts).
Still, the fantasy burns bright
over the gardens of mendacity.

1025. 9 December 2006 - 6:25am
So, the grammar of sex,
its past & future perfect,
the present tension,
the parts of speech
(who gives a fuck),
gender allocated
on the tip of my tongue.

1026. 10 December 2006 - 6:59am
So, the mathematics of sex,
the computation of opportunity,
the binary system,
(the One & Oh God),
the calculus of curves,
the algebra of desires,
its equation.

1027. 11 December 2006 - 6:38am
So, the poet stooped
he's ears in consumption
while imagines of sex
pocker his membership
fork off his language
as if morphologing
in her heavens.

1028. 12 December 2006 - 6:11am
So, the language of sex,
its fricatives & sibilants,
lips & tongue,
its dialects of gasp, intake
& sigh. Its Braille,
visions, silences.
Its body language.

1029. 13 December 2006 - 5:55am
There once was a man called Hugh
who lived by himself in a shoe.
It wasn't the smell of leather
or even of dear Heather,
but the old woman who knew what to do.

1030. 14 December 2006 - 6:33am
My muse still sleeps,
the angels rest her lips,
her eyes weary with wine.
So it is with me -
the earth heavy,
the air reluctant,
already a dull rain
and noise.

1031. 15 December 2006 - 7:05am
Afterwards the peacock screamed
from the shimmering vineyard
below in the valley. Nothing moves
in the leaden air. I stand
at last to break the spell
of dawn.

1032. 16 December 2006 - 7:32am
The fire has waned to its embers.
Conversation stilled in its dregs.
The night snores in cool airs
of dream & fantasy.
I watch the galaxy turn
above my head.

1033. 17 December 2006 - 6:20am
Last night I plucked a star
from heaven, held it in my palm.
Oh divine jewel! Sparkle
in my heart, that ghostly zest.
How it measures the distances
of souls.

1034. 18 December 2006 - 6:45am
An angel sang last night
to hold the world's last breath.
Each note a cascade of stars
under the cathedral night.
None could see the tears fall
from God's eyes.

1035. 19 December 2006 - 7:11am
So, the locket of your smile
opens as a gift of God.
This day named for you,
a numbered page
of the great book where
the wisdom of ages
is painted in poetry.

1036. 20 December 2006 - 8:09am
So, the year feels the heel
of time. Dawn comes,
flushes night from dream
and the cock crows as he should.
Were it other, I would not believe.
Such is faith.

1037. 21 December 2006 - 7:16am
So, the artist paints
the genitals of God.
Such life as brings the universe
out to light from the heat
of darkness where echoes
of old rhythms call this pagan.

1038. 22 December 2006 - 7:59am
Last night's palate now sour,
wine gritted on teeth of glass,
such humour dulled on the edge
of wit & dawn bleary
as bad weather. Thus,
the hair of the dogs.

1039. 22 December 2006 - 5:34pm
Under the afternoon awning
four women chat of cabbages,
not Kings. The man observes
this intercourse with careful disinterest,
as if he were a poet among muses.

1040. 23 December 2006 - 9:19am
So, the morning page
opens the metaphorical day.
We fall back exhausted
with sleep. Birds sing
to our chorus, to rhythms
of the patient gardener,
to his spade.

1041. 24 December 2006 - 6:22am
So, mosquitoes jangle
the summer solstice night,
suffer murder & genocide.
I contemplate the jingled mall,
the last loins before the feast,
the just deserts.

1042. 25 December 2006 06:21am
So, feast: O Agnus Dei.
The table is heavy laden,
as a merchantman
fresh from the tropics
with fruit & spices.
Exotic gifts brought ashore
this very morning.

1043. 25 December 2006 - 6:28am
So, the dervish dance
this hot summer night
whose rhythms sweat
in beads & robes.
Beneath, both breast & buttock
tease a stiffened man
who would lick his lips.

1044. 26 December 2006 - 7:56am
So, language, tongues articulated,
counted syllables of history,
plunder, prisoners, promises,
hostages, jargon of sloth,
illuminated tomes
of the divine word.

1045. 27 December 2006 - 7:53am
These sultry mornings,
sultry nights borne languid
as lagoons on lee shores.
There, the last notes trip prettily
to dawn & the sea breeze
freshens air & eye.

1046. 28 December 2006 - 6:59am
Sew, confusion off tang
sleeps inn demeaning
hover bawdy fluent wear
eye lost sore mine
inner dock whiz
ease heed innocent
hams two tiers role
down is chicks.

1047. 29 December 2006 - 7:18am
Thus, with cavalcade & drum, this year
falls into the lake of history,
is lost in the ooze of indifference.
Even canoes & dugouts of recrimination
barely bob.

1048. 30 December 2006 - 7:13am
The house sleeps like stone.
I stretch in the caress of dawn
as dogs do when the dream is over
& need to sniff a new day.
This cup of tea has no far horizons.

1049. 31 December 2006 - 7:16am
The tide turns tonight
in metaphors of time.
The eve of resolution or temptation?
How comic I am here
(a Beano misfiled at Alexandria)
musing in grey thoughts.

1050. 31 December 2006 - 0:45pm
Still it comes.
I have drunk wine
& talked of the old ways
without regret or favour.
I rust within like a great anchor
dry & unchained on the pier,