2011 Texts

2253. 6 January 2011 - 1.15pm
natural causes
the yellow paper seems faded
by burden and borne
5 copies

2254. 6 January 2011 - 2.02pm
so rest comes
or is that hell
that frozen featureless place
a spiritless arctic
the weather the endless
howl of selfconscious hate
where nothingness empties

2255. 11 January 2011 - 12.04pm
two African oyster catchers
dab the litoral
as I type
we know this place
differently as fish or fowl
or European ever visiting
a sooty tern
and dark continent

2256. 12 January 2011 - 9.10am
every time the wave breaks
it is the same
it is different
all repetition is original
each new moment repeats
so it is for me
and you my love
always renewed

2257. 13 January 2011 - 9.42am
slip out of something more
comfortable the old monk said
if you need to ease your spirit
unclothe your emperor
and impress with candour
your own reflections

2258. 18 January 2011 - 08.18
sleeping dog stones dry out
in the awakening sun
before the flood cormorants
mine shallow water
for anchovy and tiddler
this telephone out of keeping

2259. 18 January 2011 - 10.14
a negligee mist skirts
the coast the snake's head
light upright
a posture familiar to the tern
that beats along the updraught
of the swelling sea
and screams

2260. 20 January 2011 - 07.36
a bulk carrier passes the edge
of Africa where I sit
looking over the horizon
and my mug of rooibos
thinking of you
who you are
and our voyages
and intimacies

2261. 26 January 2011 - 09.59
who reads
the book of silences
the woman carrying
water from a far place
the man who watches
the wind and the spoor
it would be poetry
if I found my place

2262. 31 January 2011 - 07.18
the bellringer calls
the old monk to prayer
a solitary reflection
in company in common
his knees are weary
god knows
silence too has truth
the spirit willing

2263. 1 February 2011 - 21.09
the first sense is touch
it gives
and receives
taste, smell, hearing, sight
do not give
it is the sense of orgasm
of joining
of pain as pleasure
of all life

2264. 3 February 2011 - 10.30
eventually all languages
written on Earth
used the universal pictogram
and poetry at last
achieved critical mass
read with one eye
and many voices
of the shore

2265. 5 February 2011 - 07.06
Note to a late starter
live long
sleep naked
don't miss breakfast
except for good sex
sing in the shower
as happy people do
closer to godliness
kiss often

2266. 5 February 2011 - 20.54
Notes of forty years
ask after the beholder's sight
the wilderness is metaphor
if you refuse temptation
you will be crucified
you remain fortified
scored twice

2267. 10 February 2011 - 16.16
February knows nothing
of Autumn
long days south
long nights north
to Spring
but we walk hand in hand
coupled in our season's
hemispheres by inclination

2268. 15 February 2011 - 09.32
this colour of history
carved from deep water
like a statuette
of the minor god
found later in the rubble
with the empty skull
and ruins
see here lies a man

2269. 4 March 2011 - 07.25
is the year turning to
introspection and summer
not yet done
the fall, decay, death
the air bright with it
filled with
pretence like a favourite coat
of winter

2270. 4 March 2011 - 09.04
I don't write
I lie in
wait as the tide
I ebb and hold
an old moon
by her symbol
an abstract of the last orbit
searching always for
meaning in the turning

2271. 4 March 2011 - 09.17
a poet is not
a monk beaded
in refrain
or rhyme where a chant
would do
he is a peasant
knows the gods
are angry now
these years of supplication
and tedium

2272. 5 March 2011 - 07.04
black night
petrol pink
dawn sea
slick and still
and sacred
ibis queue
in space time
the stars lost
again and me
here too
hope and tide
turns another

2273. 6 March 2011 - 12.27
Note to my skin
depressingly large by some
measure and sensitive
by another
yet unable to contain all
my poisonous inside
it tests an ecstasy
lacking pleasure

2274. 7 March 2011 - 07.23
western fog clothes
indecent dawn unblushed
me feeling her negligence
handsome as a nightmare
under coverlet and slip
last I felt this good was
in a former life

2275. 7 March 2011 - 09.41
though, to make a clean
breast of it
merely reveals common
cliché and little taste
the poet just bangs on
at the anvil
of hard knocks
hoping smithy comes soon

2276. 12 March 2011 - 07.53
Ships Log
weather is the instrument
faith lends rhetoric
showers as tears
the sea's fury divine
through which I plot
a course the metaphor
is the earth's terror

2277. 14 March 2011 - 07.14
all night the sea rumbled
to my ear's vision
black seas of my dreams
here the grey heron
like a gantry waiting a ship
before a rising sun
is another truth

2278. 14 March 2011 - 18.41
Note to a beachcomber
dark webs of the flood
cast adrift flotsam
are signs
of wellbeing
silence and no gulls
means you are stranded
or the ark has already left

2279. 16 March 2011 - 7.11
the old steam engine
a tangle of connecting rods
huffs and puffs up
the valley's incline
howls into the tunnel
emerges glass-eyed like a lover
from his dream

2280. 29 March 2011 - 17.23
note to a monkey
when the cage is big
enough you think
you're free
it helps to recognise
zoo keepers in the wild
they are the ones
with smiles
and ripe fruit

2281. 30 March 2011 - 12.39
the first poem
was a kiss
beyond reach
apple longing
in windfallen rain
and I look for a word
new to god
that a poet finds
still wet and hazel-eyed

2282. 31 March 2011 - 8.58
this ragamuffin morning
a crumpled sky
stubs yesterday
potholes my thoughts
and you also
see art clothe
the gorgeous tarmac
blush and roadkill
share the litter

2283. 1 April 2011 - 9.39
winter arrives
fresh as French kisses
under the summer duvet
my ass chilled
as cuvee brut
coins new language
bridges intellect
and lust
with hope and slope

2284. 10 April 2011 - 13.50
opposite speaks
in dilemma and paradox
to me
I held her up
to light
translucent as storm clouds
she was
the desert storm flowering
the oasis metaphor

2285. 19 April 2011 - 7.55
a man stands at the edge
of africa thinking of nothing
it is a parable
healing the man
healing the man watching
the man healing the world
by deep waters singing

2286. 20 April 2011 - 10.15
the old monk is vain
the peasant wise
they speak in camera
no need to alarm poets
with jargon and cliché
when the truth will do
as well as any
counterfeit note

2287. 26 April 2011 - 7.36
the effigy still wrinkled
as the hunter a sculptor
imagines with his short bow
and loins modest
as the hotel lounge
under the berg
unnoticed still
by humanity

2288. 27 April 2011 - 9.13
my eyes rust and murder
the brown cows who echo
the last agony
of the wind and pied crow
exulting on a fierce memory
the epigraphs that still reek
at Spioenkop

2289. 10 May 2011 - 9.50
your kisses are too
the grinding of locks
your smile the wake
of St Helena exiled
and becalmed
were I not of swine be
a goatherd who'd lost
his tongue calling

2290. 15 May 2011 - 13.07
wither on the vine poet
let fruit turn to syllable
your sugar eyes fermenting
windfall words and swine
snout there a simile
or cliché royalty
piss on his shoe

2291. 15 May 2011 - 14.23
sea pastures
kelp graze listless on the ebb
peer up at Lipizzaner surf
the boogie board rider
leans into the curl
of a lesser god
reins in inhibitions unsealed

2292. 19 May 2011 - 12.41
mountains of the moon
dragon flame or spice
herb gardener she sets
a table before me
I overflow my cups
the poet seeks mercy
under this thatch
finds her alight

2293. 21 May 2011 - 7.35
the path's scar is weary
as the kloof's memory
rain has patience
and the wind ways
reminds the old monk
god knows how
the path wears the season's
fleece today

2294. 23 May 2011 - 7.58
when people look back
when I am returned
to fossil and sediment
and all fame and ego
of millennia is not
a millimetre of strata
the tide will ebb and flow

2295. 31 May 2011 - 8.01
how to love a poet
remove wrappings
label and price tag
rip out spleen and tongue
he'll not need those
take his last word
chew each syllable
and spit out god

2296. 3 June 2011 - 8.34
the sacred ibis cassocked
offers measured gait
and silent prayer
to the morning chorus
and chattering terns
the interstitial jogger
chuffs by in breaking light

2297. 4 June 2011 - 9.15
all he has is not him is him
he prays for me
in return he smiles
there is no reward
in time
I am nothing he says
beyond paradox
beyond metaphor
beyond this rain

2298. 5 June  2011 - 15.58
the poet watches women
seat themselves in the theatre
how one lowers herself carefully
another bounces in
one wriggles
or balances on one cheek
catching my eye

2299. 6 June 2011 - 9.14
the poet names her day
stitches her tongue
to the black-hearted rain
elbows aside equations
in the bicycle lane
I send her greetings
roses are inappropriate

2300. 7 June 2011 - 11.42
send a perfumed letter
wear gold on your right hand
nothing else
to distract me
do not smile
or touch your throat
you are not naked
yet your body is song

2301. 10 June 2011 - 9.44
an angel flew in
on a metaphor's talon
hooking her vision
to storyboard script
rights for sale
a biological agent takes
the raincheck
cashes it similarly bonded

2302. 12 June 2011 - 8.12
her flower arrangement
extravagant petals
she tells
and narrow-necked vase
earthenware pink glazed
in this light
unseeded but not barren
and perfumed naturally

2303. 12 June 2011 - 9.30
her geological bag
reveals strata
fossils of the early anthropoid
period checkout slips
you would not credit
the retiring archaeologist
bedded and brushed

2304. 14 June 2011 - 10.18
a poet recites
his right hand wristless
sotto voce bows
the tearful punctuation
autumnal romances
half remembered sex
chocolate bittersweet
mumbles astutely

2305. 20 June 2011 - 8.18
the old poet no longer
fits his skin
his biggest organ
wrinkled and loose
hangs a shroud
to former glories
if only the mirror lied
as I look at this withering

2306. 20 June 2011 - 20.53
who is master
who mastered
the old monk shrugs
people ask more of god
than is
this is the reason the poet
writes god's weeping
is heard in the wind's

2307. 21 June 2011 - 7.42
the old poet tends
his vegetables digs
the soil of imagination
roots himself in her
metaphors of mountain
and stream
later he explores her face
turns her over

2308. 21 June 2011 - 8.20
how do you taste
after noon the dessert
is the main course
it's on the tip of my tongue
to tell you how
the bruised grass
springs back
as a lover repairs

2309. 21 June 2011 - 8.37
the old poet dozes
in the afternoon
the sun still warm
he feels the light play
dappled melodies
as choristers rehearse
some benediction
to almighty gods

2310. 28 June 2011 - 7.52
Cape Town unslumbers
naked glories
the bruised night harmless
unbeds dawn
breakfasts on newsprint
enriched airs
rumour and truth
uncourtly odours seep ashore

2311. 3 July 2011 - 8.51
the poet wears her words
naked as womb days warm
to clothe her thoughts
the first I noticed this
the earth stopped
the trees walked
and the grass sang to me

2312. 3 July 2011 - 9.30
it is impossible to know
rainbow blade or axed dawn
the obtuse measures
neither desire nor sucking
nor the clinical poet
overseeing trafficked night
its odours

2313. 6 July 2011 - 0645
I also stand and wait
blinded by the light
of a great love
that so corroded me
I could not see you
or your smile
or your tenderness
my very skin pitted in rage

2314. 7 July 2011 - 0738
there is time and season
to misquote
heaven knows I've no kidney
nor wit's grammar
but plant now
if you've mind to
the air is foul this street
the sentence long

2315. 7 July 2011 - 0758
why count that
it has no number
nor weight that could help
my rising nor my fall
nor my wit
which this morning
lies fallow as winter
without even frost's edge

2316. 9 July 2011 - 1624
I sit here on ancient
memory of forgotten storms
looking at the winter sea.
Such dreams as bring
stone to life,
turn time to sand,
call me to untroubled rest.

2317. 10 July 2011 - 2127
back in the city
gates close
the matrix reconnects
am I the one trinity
then I remember watching
your body's characteristic
melody of the hip
smart arsed sax

2318. 11 July 2011 - 0816
a poet seized the day
fought it
pinned it down
then with infinite patience
and clarity
he took it apart
second by second
until the heart of it
stopped counting

2319. 13 July 2011 - 2114
worn as I am
this cliff without regret
my soles thin in narrow air
and below
at my roots
the drowning sea embraces
shades that passed this way
not unremarked

2320. 14 July 2011 - 0758
Somerset Rd Green Point
Limnos Bakers
early bird stirs coffee
still connected to dream
of her body
her perfect skin
haughty kiss
buttoned blouse unbuttoned

2321. 14 July 2011 - 0817
what coin satisfies
this pursed lip
some farthing's wealth
tied to stock by option
but no saddleback grunt
minding his bacon
could ever nor would
breakfast me

2322. 15 July 2011 - 0558
your handful breasts weigh
in my vision twin domes
and me waiting to enter
the knave my sword high
the whole rump of you
spread a feast
for tongue and tale

2323. 19 July 2011 - 0743
each day weaves its texture
into another year
this poem dyed a shade
so subtle the weaver
noticed only the sound
as it pulled tight
its tapestry moonlit

2324. 20 July 2011 - 0737
news of the world
occupies the old empire
ashes of my fathers
quiet as owls in churchyards
by the moor its ravens
calling from steeple and tower
imperial echoes

2325. 20 July 2011 - 0816
two bare foot symbols
take a hike
all puffed up
a saviour washes each foot
as a parable
explains cleanliness
to godlessness
I overhear myself
in this connection

2326. 24 July 2011 - 1234
Africa beats south
teeth bared to this gale
we hold our breath
expect to go under
any second as slickly
as dolphins blow
watch strap-hanger gulls
kite the surf

2327. 28 July 2011 - 0812
it's exhaustion that drowns
the kitten in the bucket
to watch that takes a lot
I prefer a quick death
the garden spade to the neck
this lingering is killing me

2328. 28 July 2011 - 0817
I say marry your best friend
whatever the sex
after all at least you get to
talk about it over
marmalade and black coffee
this is the thing good sex
can't match

2329. 28 July 2011 - 0829
the old monk only finds
certainty in ignorance
he knows nothing of prayer
instead his conversation
with god is to an infant
who speaks in tongues

2330. 28 July 2011 - 0919
the grammar of illness
nurses old grudges
some parts
of speech change tone
from demonstrative
to imperative
the pity is
playing doctor-doctor
isn't fun any more

2331. 29 July 2011 - 0817
cleanliness is godliness
but the old monk doubts
washing the soiled
cleanses beneath the skin
he prays for relief
thanks god for an angel
knows the devil's hand

2332. 29 July 2011 - 0852
Vladislavic 'reduced the earth
to sediment' a sentiment
to draw on
parched syllables
some oasis of language
some fontein dried
to parchment
to cemetery to dust

2333. 4 August 2011 - 0912
who knows
the exact weight of a poem
off the shelf
or second hand
at a rummage sale hidden
with knitted socks
and a nice cardigan also
one pearl one plain truth

2334. 4 August 2011 - 0927
is poetry a plague
the piper unpaid
he slips into the country
the odd man
playing with his little whistle
hoping to earn his keep
with the faintest smile

2335. 5 August 2011 - 0850
a poem is to mind
as piston to engine
each line another stroke
masturbation to coitus
looking for metaphors
to warm each inch
within specification
and tolerance

2336. 6 August 2011 - 8.42
gay as clear sky
who remembers the ashes
that year of infamy
me not more than desire
all the world busy
burying the dead
as if the child
was bombed again

2337. 8 August 2011 - 0908
the lost poem
calls for more wine
to forget the poet
who abandoned him
in forest glade
in dappled light
who went off
with a nightmare
who chanced by
in a dream

2338. 8 August 2011 - 0915
We stand trembling here
together, but what monster's
real. I need you
as you need me.
There is a road to peace.
There are kind people.
There is our beauty.

2339. 8 August 2011 - 1742
the lost poet
knocks on doors
slam after slam
an evangelist
for the word
between the covers
a private voyeur
made public a line
of enquiry in parenthesis

2340. 9 August 2011 - 1742
a dog does not defecate
with nonchalance
it's deliberate and defiant
nor to chance
nor does it reveal grace
or dignity
or backward glance
or my indifference

2341. 10 August 2011 - 0830
life near death
glimpsed the divine
lost in the woods
knowing this he turned
became as divine
as lost
until at last he found himself
dying in his arms unafraid

2342. 10 August 2011 - 1200
grief's companion
lover of joy
trite metaphor amuses a poet
the man died of prayer
fell forward released
grief's hold
lasted a lifetime
he's happy ever after

2343. 11 August 2011 - 1314
the side street of life
is manacled
to the magistrate's court
by holding cells
relatives bemoan fate
from the sidewalk
arrested by accusation
and sorry denial

2344. 12 August 2011 - 0828
rain has tearfully paned
enough poems to add to and
gutted the visceral metaphor
does it work bowel better
with chamber music
a violin sonata bowed
with vigour

2345. 15 August 2011 - 0909
I've always been touched
moved by caress and kiss
intimacy of finger and wrist
her spine from nape to small
I miss touch
how rash to squander now
I'm skinned

2346. 15 August 2011 - 1020
a hog's back in the poet's eye
traces the line of reason
to the point of metaphor
I will walk with him
in simian chatter
to the waterfall
where the forest weeps

2347. 16 August 2011 - 1726
the texture of paint
is the vision of song
how melody colours
breathes its dimension
photographs the posture
of stone turns image
to aroma and scaffolding

2348. 17 August 2011 - 0847
is love vegetable
the way it grows
fed by the soil of hope
and heaven's tears
I suppose not
looking within my animal fears
the road I've travelled
to find you

2349. 19 August 2011 - 1116
a poet knows rain
is not god's tears
the earth no longer weeps
it is now a dry humour
the old monk sits
under his cowl
listening to the song thrush
praise god

2350. 19 August 2011 - 1220
a woman in the last age
of her beauty
embraces the moment
as a lathe emphatic
turned fine furniture
from mature timber
her upholstery shows such
delicate colour

2351. 19 August 2011 - 1508
a poet recalls himself
a man less of content
than substance
more a man of dream
than nightmare
a man with six pack shown
rather than papsak hidden
a man like me

2352. 21 August 2011 - 1655
a woman of many colours
unlocks first light
how frequency counts
a calculus of almost
the poet bewildered
his tongue in translation
unclothed and inarticulate

2353. 23 August 2011 - 2247
a man as faceless as a porn
star sees himself approach
his beauty in the mirror
of misgivings
he pulls himself together
by habit turns his cheek
doubling intent

2354. 24 August 2011 - 0838
does the scaffolding of a poem
remain invisible after
the air has cleared
and the poet breathes out
is this my church
broad as the plainsong
I sing to you

2355. 25 August 2011 - 0748
the biography of a poem
leaves much to be desired
between the lines
sometimes a pretty moment
reveals as briefly
as spinning dolphins
broach the broad Atlantic

2356. 25 August 2011 - 1147
the pathology of the poem
is the poet's
each verse the anatomy
of morbidity
each line venal
why write why live
each syllable now anaemic
a metaphor similar to

2357. 28 August 2011 - 0937
I used to know joy
a place real
imagined I wonder now
a person you me
who lightens
brightens warms
to expand create
super nova starring us two

2358. 31 August 2011 - 0633
is pornography
in watching and being watched
feeling your genitals moisten
ready for cunt or cock
is the image
feeling the other's hand
play one's instrument

2359. 31 August 2011 - 0703
my ying yang tongue
would comfort your kitty
tonight or sooner
your prime cut
and proud easel
spread to arrive at a palace
of pleasure
to our satisfaction

2360. 2 September 2011 - 1247
a poet wears his skin
as camouflage
to hide vulnerability
to banker and attorney
he is watchful
and treads carefully
along frail pretexts
his tongue recoiled

2361. 5 September 2011 - 1028
sickle's compass

the poet is the fool in the title
looks for direction
or sign or bearing
any landmark or light
to reveal harbour and reef
hidden by the sirens

2362. 6 September 2011 - 1730
the old monk thinks
he has no need
of technology beyond the rake
he uses to comb
leaves under the elm
the poet would send him texts
to enjoy
were he myopic

2363. 9 September 2011 - 0924
to love the poet first
love emptiness
then you will know
the meaning of melancholy
how nothing is more
everything less
the old monk told me so
gazing out to sea

2364. 11 Sep 2011 @ 0904
the poet quit
therapy for reasons
no more complex
than posture and discomfort
her analyst sits in silence
she writes
in pencil
sometimes erases lines
and smiles

2365. 12 Sep 2011 @ 0944
I like a bare arsed lie
beneath the soiled underwear
of deceipt
of lawyers' whispers
I like its invention
its absurd humour
its humanity when all
said is undone

2366. 13 Sep 2011 @ 0800
in the end
you have to start
somewhere on the page
turn the first sod
is a grave metaphor
I like
so often a poem becomes
a trench
a mine
pointlessly dug further

2367. 13 Sep 2011 @ 0825
over and above that
are allusions illusions
is thirty feet just rhyme
I need to sound out
it has depth aft
any old sailor
taking a turn his self
gravely watches

2368. 13 Sep 2011 @ 1008
and understand all mysteries
for instance
the malachite hummingbird's
extravagant feather
as we take the catwalk
by Snake's Head light
him too in full bloom

2369. 16 Sep 2011 @ 1815
should I dream of you again
where would it be
that blue green forest
the singer what's her name
again the rhyme the groove
always repeats
always night and day

2370. 18 Sep 2011 @ 0935
her eyes search my face
for some crack
some little used entrance
some weakness in design
some place unguarded
she probes
coils and uncoils
shows me her tongue

2371. 19 Sep 2011 @ 1823
how do you sound
your name in my month
a certain distance between
us as between friends who
think about what
cannot be said or imagined
except between
the lines

2372. 20 Sep 2011 @ 0915
the old monk is not gay
he looks to his muse
how she fills the amphitheatre
with sad song
a pair of pied crows
always restless
how they still him
to his prayer

2373. 21 Sep 2011 @ 1700
my cell reminds me today
my father died
eight years seem millennia
the old man not aged
a day compared to this fool
we become ever more
alike to end the same

2374. 26 Sep 2011 @ 1022
the old monk counts little
of value in coin or paper
his song is the melody
sung as a child
when in one voice
the choir breathes out
holds the note
open mouthed

2375. 26 Sep 2011 @ 1124
July comes and goes
for Thursday's Child
rambles among the foothills
of reason hopes ever
to chance on a moment
skittish as a klipspringer
this long drawn path

2376. 26 Sep 2011 @ 1156
the old monk reads the sage
on the architecture of faith
the unsupported dome
gives him perspectives
of the infinite
and solutions
to differential equations

2377. 26 Sep 2011 @ 1302
eight centuries do not dim
his light here
I am still lit
by verse illuminated
in its melody
in its script
this parallel text
incautious as the wind
even now

2378. 27 Sep 2011 @ 0706
faith's fuel's fear
its power burns
internal combustion
its auxiliary motor electric
all connecting rods
cams and valves engineered
with no particular purpose

2379. 27 Sep 2011 @ 0758
break bread
have faith the old monk prays
the almighty acknowledges
calls for the messenger
cassocked in red earth
and dust said
don't think twice it's alright

2380. 28 Sep 2011 @ 0641
this john masefield sea
and lonely sky
kelp heads jostling the early
surfer as young fans do
a pop star still engaged
with life in the wild
this beautiful day

2381. 29 Sep 2011 @ 0708
morning has woken
grey dawn breaking
the fishing boat sobbing sea
a pair of african
oyster catchers breakfast
on the tide's spoil
the wind's cold from the west

2382. 30 Sep 2011 @ 0717
at first there's nothing
then it
then its name
some think the word first
before its meaning
so will not pronounce
then the code
the esoteric control
its garment

2383. 30 Sep 2011 @ 0725
the surf does not tire
while the surfer sleeps
it rests in its depths
in its own darkness
and knows
the superficial nature
of the world
its concerns
are selfish

international departures
has little sense of voyage
no sinbad plugging his pipe
with navy cut
rough as his thumb
no sweetheart dabbing tears
no tugboat whistles
2384. 6 Oct 2011 @ 1749

bawdy call coming
judging by glum faces
at this bar
should I worry they know
something I should
half of us are peeling keys
from our cells
last wishes perhaps
2385. 6 Oct 2011 @ 1756

the old monk no longer believes
flying is closer to godliness
judging by certain expletives
he overhears
in the bawdy queue
in future he muses
he'll take a bus
2386. 6 Oct 2011 @ 2125

the old monk understands
the meaning of patience
that time is not a measure
of self
or other
nor is rain the colour
of sadness
nor sadness
a vegetable garden
2387. 9 Oct 2011 @ 1651

a poet sees posture in respect
the demand for it
devalues the currency
its gift
values the other
beyond melancholy
beyond the poet's metaphor
beyond our embrace
2388. 9 Oct 2011 @ 1652

a property of possession is self
it is a variation of knowledge
and faith
love of self
is a property  of god
it is a variation of hope
and faith
know your love
2389. 10 Oct 2011 @ 1220

what's to fear
in a god-fearing land
but men
men fearful fearsome
women in darkness shine
covered to reveal
themselves open men
puppet and puppeteer
2390. 11 Oct 2011 @ 0621

let the poet howl his stream
let me take rhyme
and feed it the eight ball
let each knuckle dust
sunset from night's laughter
let home wear
summer seas tonight
2391. 11 Oct 2011 @ 0621

how little I differ how much
I translate dreams to poetry
illusive tongues
of men and moons
how the tide groans
with metaphor
the desert
like still life
2392. 15 Oct 2011 @ 1511

all good things come to an end
according to idiom
so at Persepolis boundless
and bare dust to dust
could they know
do we know
our splendid works
are soon ash
2393. 15 Oct 2011 @ 1514

the old monk amused
by Persian poets visits
the tombs of Hafez and Sa'adi
night domes their stars
prayer mat gardens
rose scented
beneath children's laughter
2394. 19 Oct 2011 @ 1141

the tomb of Hafez rests
under Shiraz's mascara sky
weary as the roses' scent
a long way spinning back
among the painted gardens
where the old monk waits
for me
2395. 20 Oct 2011 @ 0704

Seamus writes reads
his poem to me
I'm earful of the dew
its complaint of rough rain's
sodding spade
shoulders out metaphor's
Ted sheltered long
at Heptonstall
2396. 22 Oct 2011 @ 0932

there's no prize
in the end first is last
the poet muses
at the gates of paradise
who cares who ran
you need the ticket to enter
nobody gives a fig
for pedigree
2397. 23 Oct 2011 @ 1215

what lesson misnames
the synonym fashioned
from learner
I'm old fashioned
ploughshare turning
sod in the black earth
its necklace worn thin
under the beady sky
2398. 28 Oct 2011 @ 0920

so the old monk turns
the page
is it first last
turns the key
a circular argument
were he half mason
he would build on it
brick the windows
tax himself less
2399. 31 Oct 2011 @ 1008

my skin fits loosely
about my neck
keeps me warm
and gravy off my shirt
a sort of bib
to allow me to disgust
myself as I dribble happily
into second childhood
2400. 3 Nov 2011 @ 0939

my friend the poet
coins knew currencies
from paper notes
promisory bills laden
with exchange above board
so his passion is unlimited
by indiscreet banking
2401. 3 nov 2011 @ 1228

in my dream I set the scene
characters are ice
houses are children
the flood of history bears down
sweeps us away
no Noah no dove no peace
no covenant nothing
2402. 4 Nov 2011 @ 0921

the smudge of cloud lying low
over the candid sea telltales
tomorrow today here
under milkwood
the lady of shalott
rehearses her last voyage
to ulysses and penny
2403. 6 Nov 2011 @ 1634

where does new light come
to find darkness?
infinite in the infant
his eyes unfocussed
draw mine
finite as my old vision
looking out over
infantile horizons
2404. 11 Nov 2011 @ 1536

the old monk takes calls
on his smartphone
seriously you never know
who's on the line next thing
you hear from the main man
who's mighty displeased
and hung up
2405. 16 Nov 2011 @ 1454

anew Cape Town train the saffa
old stations cross
ritual and remembrance
fruit salad country
hawking my heart
to the blind gospel
a penny for your thoughts
2406. 18 Nov 2011 @ 1330

beware the hawker who is
his crust is the truth
of my lies
his loaf is my daily bread
trespassers forgiven
pavements are his road
to power and glory
2407. 19 Nov 2011 @ 0717

my mother's voice
I hear at dawn's first chorus
rehearses tea cup synapsis
sweetness arising
and pap stirs
the intemperate yolk
shelled and executed
2408. 20 Nov 2011 @ 1130

this winged chariot
punctually late
of worn habit and incensed
by chance or compass
lifts the demented eye
to the furious sky
livid and raging
as I rightly sigh
2409. 21 Nov 2011 @ 0854

these are the mangled remains
of a poem a poet stitched
to his lover's arse
a reminder of better nights
to come and other symbols
or jokes he cracked seriously
2410. 21 Nov 2011 @ 0859

after the sax the preacherman
tells us rapped
Jesus Loves You
each and every one of you
I believe he saves
best till last
detrains at retreat
bless my dark soul
2411. 21 Nov 2011 @ 1402

Simon's town station is barely
above high water
take the train to town
along the kelp muscular shore
ocean green and blue
deep veined true
without a false heart
2412. 22 Nov 2011 @ 0854

that poet who loves
who loves each flower
that crowds the amphitheatre
listens to the wind
combed grass sing
her lament the hymn
whose voice never breaks
2413. 9 Dec 2011 @ 0927

it's dark matter mostly
each within another
containing another
the only rule
cannot contain itself
consumes its host
is itself consumed
this is the law of Hugh
2414. 11 Dec 2011 @ 1046

the old man knows gravity
matches the years
his grandson's rubber legs
are weighted to infant earth
while his are anthracite old
one day a fall will shatter him
2415. 17 Dec 2011 @ 0657

Africa knows patience
she waits
time is not her measure
these are distances
feet cannot count
she waits
her part is the song
these are melodies
of many tongues
2416. 17 Dec 2011 @ 0705

a poem came and left
a butterfly's jagged warp
and weft too quick
autobiography is my eye's
flight's shuttle weaving
the fabric of wings
but the poem's grounded
2417. 17 Dec 2011 @ 0712

shallows of opinion
cannot move oceans
terns shriek awake
or sleep in the reef's arms
anemones caress love's dream
these shallow pools
reflect light's laughter
2418. 17 Dec 2011 @ 0830

behind the year's tick
winks the naughty girl
licks her lips
with that universal tongue
always at the ready
the sentry guarding
no other minder
needed nightly x
2419. 19 Dec 2011 @ 0655

a man is composed
the melody fucked
until the whole earth
blue green brown
like remains rotting
into opinion's compost
enriches the next
regeneration's song
2420. 19 Dec 2011 @ 1319

message to a friend indeed
broken winged the spirit soars
how else do you see
the distance you travel
every day to wipe the tear
from this cheek of history
2421. 19 Dec 2011 @ 1326

Jack Russell points out
interests with his penis
and led by nose
and mistress
and off the leash
for now
despite her ever louder
injunctions to come
2422. 20 Dec 2011 @ 0713

Jack never interrupts action
with opinion
nor does he find himself
to a train of thought expressly
due at Paris Nord
he himself a moment off
2423. 20 Dec 2011 @ 1454

is the pomegranate fruit
to amuse the poet in question
perhaps he licks his lips
or punctuates his words
with exclamations or marks
of content not averse to her
2424. 23 Dec 2011 @ 1104

the vida parasites exclusively
its bitterness matches
the double americano
sipped by wrinkled lip
and narrow eye
of the sad poet matched
by unpublished rhyme
2425. 27 Dec 2011 @ 1251

flat sea
horizon honed to its edge
all but the oldest kelp drowned
like puppies
a flotilla of duikers patrol
at periscope depth
terns rise to catch first light
2426. 28 Dec 2011 @ 1119

interstitial time
superficial space
where I am
at dawn
my tongue the blade
to skin Africa
my eye to catch the Atlantic
in its gasp
I breathe shadows of terns
2427. 29 Dec 2011 @ 0827

if I knew god as I know
god knows
I believe I would believe
creation is in the image
here before light
and if I prayed
I would pray
for light
2428. 30 Dec 2011 @ 0606